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BMSpeedy 03-02-2011 04:33 PM

2-3" lift
Hey all, I have a '95 yj currently riding on a 2" shackle lift and 31's. I don't intend to go any bigger than 31's but i think a shackle lift of my size could create problems in the future. Am i wrong? Either way I would like to get those off and get a better more permanent lift solution. However, I'm a college student and money is tight, I want to do it right but as cheap as possible. What would be a suitable 2-3" lift for a low price?

I was thinking about the rough country lift. Would a spring lift be the best way to go? Give me your suggestions on any way to get a solid lift of this size. Thanks.
Jeep YJ Suspension Lift

ALSO: I have no idea at what point things like brake lines and such are effected and have to modified, or which specific lifts will require that, and I want to avoid that at ALL costs if possible, because I don't have the knowledge to do all that. If there are any lifts for even just 2" that can avoid this, please show me those.

Jeep-YJ-91 03-02-2011 05:32 PM

Hey man I have a 1.5 inch shackle lift on my 91 YJ right now. I currently can fit 33s...I had 31s on it before and I had plenty of clearance. I'm doing a 2.5 inch lift on top of that though to get a little more room so I dont mess up my body with the 33's haha.

But to answer your question if you go to stock shackles and buy a 2.5-3 inch lift you wont need to extend brake lines or do a transfer case drop with a new pitman arm. But if you go to a 4 inch lift you have to get a drop pitman arm and also a t-case drop with extended brake lines. I believe the smallest leaf spring lift is a 2.5 inch, correct me if I'm wrong. A leaf spring lift is probably the best way to go but it all depends how you drive your jeep. If its your daily and you only off road once in awhile than a shackle lift will do fine but if you plan on hitting the trails every weekend I'd suggest a spring lift for more reliability.

Good Luck

BMSpeedy 03-02-2011 10:09 PM

thats exactly what i needed to know. I'll be looking into a 2.5/3" leaft lift. Thanks a lot!

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