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MD92YJ 03-02-2011 07:53 PM

Left front Dana30 Axle seal replacement
So I am replacing my axle seals.
I wanted to know if the ring that helps guide the left front axle into the seal comes out with with the seal?

Do I drive the seal out from the wheel into the diff with a socket, or is that metal ring stationary and I need to pull the seal from the diff area?

This all started with a lift lol... lead to hey I need a new wheel bearing... why not do them both... eah I'm at it I might as well paint it (its out now)... ill just drain the fluid and here is the kicker. I had my gears changed at bills certified auto, as turns out bill is BS and I only had one torqued ring gear bolt ahahahahahaha. So here I am with a freshly polished Dana 30 turd :doh:

mmarriott2 03-03-2011 03:49 AM

The seal is one piece and should come out as such. I usually use a few extensions with a larger socket that fits into the seal (cant remember what size) and hammer it out from the outer end into the diff. I install the new one with light taps from a rubber mallet.

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