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dannyboy988 05-25-2007 09:11 PM

looking into a 3 or 4" lift
Hey everyone,
I am looking into getting a wrangler in the near future and once I get it I am going to want to get a lift. I'm thinking i'd like to lift it 3-4" so i can fit 33s under it... this would be a daily driver with some off roading. I'm wondering if i should go with a 3-4" suspension lift or maybe a 2" BB with a 1" body lift... or are there any better suggestions? I'm completely new at this so I need advice on what would be best. Thanks!

jjseel 05-25-2007 09:34 PM

I've got the 2"BB/1.25BL and it does fine, However, one day (when pockets aren't empty) I will get the 3" or 4" Lift. It depends on your budget and patience.

foxinthemudd 05-25-2007 10:04 PM

your best bet is to get a suspension lift for it. a 4" is going to be good for clearing bigger tires, off road use and it just looks good to have a lifted rig. I have a 2" BB as well, and it will be getting switched out for the 4" (if not a 6") system soon. but like JJ said it really just depends on budget. just keep asking questions there are alot of good people on this forum with a ton of good ideas and experiance. the only real advice I can give you about lifting a rig is save up and get a good system, if you don't your going to be stuck with a sh*$$& one and wish you had waited.

dannyboy988 05-25-2007 10:16 PM

so what are some lift kits that i should consider? also, do the kits come with everything that i need? or would more work need to be done? the reason why i mentioned the BBs was because i'm probly not looking to spend a TON of money, but looking ahead i'd rather not waste money if i'm gonna want to get something else later on, so maybe i'll save up.

foxinthemudd 05-25-2007 10:26 PM

BB is a cheap way of doing things, if I didn't already have one on my TJ I would have just saved up to get a full kit. BB will cost you anywhere from 250-350. as far as suspension kits go, some kits come with everything, some dont, you just gotta look at the description. also if you find a kit you like find it online and post it on the forum and everyone will give you the pro's and cons of it. but like what was said earlier it all depends on your budget. some answers that would help us help you are. what type of wheeling do you do? what is your budget? I like the tera flex kits, fabtech (I've used before), (I've heard really good things about Rubicon Express), Rancho, pro comp. these are the kits that I've had my eye on. I personally don't know too much about many others except that I don't think that I would go with Tuff Country. but thats just one mans opnion.

Triple88a 05-25-2007 10:30 PM

for my budged i'm considering rustys 3" lift.. 460ish$ and they say its good riding lift as stiffness goes.

dannyboy988 05-25-2007 11:01 PM

so i'm not sure if i'm gonna want to go with a BB or save up for a full kit, but as far as the full kits go, here are a couple that ive seen:

or there's also the Rubicon Express BB...

what are your opinions on these?

Triple88a 05-25-2007 11:05 PM

the FT kit is good but that price 450 listed thre needs shocks which ends up being 600ish :)

dannyboy988 05-25-2007 11:10 PM

so aside from the shocks, does that kit have everything i need? I noticed on the Rubicon Express page that it says
"The installation of a slip yoke eliminator and CV driveshaft on the stock NP231 transfer case is recommended on a TJ"
Is that necessary for any lift?

foxinthemudd 05-25-2007 11:18 PM

usually the slip yoke isn't really needed until about a 4" but of course it doesn't hurt to plan ahead for the future.

dannyboy988 05-25-2007 11:23 PM

what is a slip yoke eliminator for?

Triple88a 05-25-2007 11:30 PM

they go both together..its recomended for any lift above 3". There is a band aid type fix which just drops the transmission down a bit.. the reason for the cv driveshaft and the slip yoke eliminator (sye and cv for short) is once you get the lift the angle becomes so great that you get bad drivetrain vibrations so the sye and cv lower the angle and remove the vibrations.

2" lift you may get some vibrations (hardly)..

3" lift.. more likely you will get minor vibrations.. some small tranny drop

4" lift ... recomended cv and sye otherwise drop the tranny quite a bit.

5+ i'd say its required but again there are people that drop the tranny even more..

keep in mind those are only suspension lifts so you can add body lifts to those..

my plans are 2" body lift and 3" rustys kit and 33s.. i know 5" to run 33s but i dont want to swap the dana 35 so i can go bigger tires and also i like to have the tires ffar away from my wells

nicolas-eric 05-26-2007 12:35 AM

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i still have a 2" bb, but my OME suspension is on the way to me.
the ride with the BB is very stiff and uncomfortable.

i say do it once do it right. better wait a bit longer and save some money for a "real" suspension lift.

i couldn´t wait long enough and wasted money for the BB. i hope that i can sell it at ebay for a good price.

btw: i needed to drop the TC with only the 2" BB because there ware some driveshaft vibes.

dannyboy988 05-26-2007 09:27 AM

So it seems like saving up the extra money would be the best choice then. I think I would go with either the FT or the RE kit that i posted earlier... but which one do you guys think would be the better kit to get? Obviously pricewise the FT kit looks to be the better option but does anybody have any .02 on whether the RE kit is worth the extra money? Also, it looks like both kits come with a TC lowering kit, would that be enough to get rid of the drivetrain vibes?

Triple88a 05-26-2007 09:34 AM

ome is the best but its a ~2.5" kit and its pricey.

nicolas-eric 05-26-2007 09:35 AM

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i thought that my TJs ride was great with the 2" BB. other people will say the same.

but then i drove a friends TJ with the OME lift and that showed my how bad my TJs ride is.

if you want to do it in different steps:

buy four 2" spacers, they are cheap at ebay. and buy some good socks like 2"-3" OME shocks. then you can upgrade your setup later by buying only some other springs.
oh i forgot: extend your bumpstops with some cheap hockey pucks. you can see that on the picture below.

Triple88a 05-26-2007 09:41 AM

ome kits...

Eric do you still need to extend your bump stops if you have body lift?

nicolas-eric 05-26-2007 10:13 AM

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Originally Posted by Triple88a (Post 85689)
Eric do you still need to extend your bump stops if you have body lift?

a BL doesn´t do anything with your suspension. only the distance between the body and the frame will increase 2".

the bumpstop extensions are needed because the springs would compress to much with the 2" spacers on top. that´s not good for the springs.
without spacers and the 2.5" OME springs only rear bumpstop extensions are needed.

but if you don´t disconnect the sway bar end links or drive only on the road you can go with the stock bumpstops.

btw. for a better rear flex some longer sway bar and links are suggested. and some longer front sway bar end links (disconnects). that´s why i ordered them (from JKS) with my OME suspension.
for a maximum flex i will install some adjustable JKS CAs the next time i order some jeep stuff in the US.

Triple88a 05-26-2007 10:16 AM

cool thanks. I allways thought the only reason for bump stops is so tires dont end up in the fenders..

nicolas-eric 05-26-2007 10:21 AM

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there are some other reasons.
you have longer springs (or spacers on the springs) and longer shocks.
if the longer shocks are compressed they are longer than the stock shocks when they are compressed.
thats why the shocks will work as a bumpstop if you don´t install extended bumpstops. that will damage the shocks very fast.


Originally Posted by Triple88a (Post 85703)
I allways thought the only reason for bump stops is so tires dont end up in the fenders..

if you drive to big tires you need to extend the bumpstops much more (to avoid tire rubbing in the fenders) than it would be needed to prevent the shocks from damage.

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