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vinnystallion 05-28-2007 01:47 AM

hey all, boy do I have a good one 4 u
So I bought my 98 wrangler in 04 so its been 3 years and chrstmas before last I got a bestop nodrill header and bikini from the inlaws and when i put it on it just didnt seem right but i got it on and ran it from spring to winter. This morning got around to putting it back on and it just didnt seem right and did some research and found out it has the drill header on it when i bought it put no bikini..... so i was putting the no drill header on top of the drill header and trying to make it work so i left it alone and went to dinner with kids and wife and starting thinking what if the dealer or previous owner screwed me out of a top.....oooh well now i have a drill header to sell. Isnt that shit funny.The funny thing is I always wondered what the hell it was 4 intill I counted the screws and added 1+1 equals duh:eek: The funniest thing out of all is I'm the one people bring their stuff to to fix or upgrade and this got the best of me.heheheheh. Oh almost forgot my question what to do with the holes left by screws fill them or just put the screws back in without the header, I could weld and repaint put dont know if its worth the time.

skeeter 05-28-2007 05:31 AM

Why not keep the drill header and sell the other one?

vinnystallion 05-28-2007 10:26 AM

i guess i could
didnt think that way first thought was to sell the the ndrill header since i have both nodrill set.Now I have to way the pro's and con's. ty skeeter

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