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WranglerX09 03-07-2011 04:13 PM

Rancho RS5000 / ProComp ES3000
:confused: Looking to change out my shocks and not sure which direction to go. Still a new Jeep owner.

I have an '09 JK (4-dr) and it's about time to replace the OEM shocks w/ no lift.

:facepalm: I have been checking online and the Ranchos seem to be pretty popular...but I keep hearing about a "stiff" ride. Is that referring her rattling more on the roads???

:punk: I do some moderate off-roading in Washingon (thats why I got a Jeep!) up in the Cascades but thats mostly on unpaved roads up in the mountains leading to some harder-to-get-to trailheads and the occasional mud flat. When I get back to California, I'll be veering off the road from time to time to tear through the high desert and Sierra Nevadas. But, by far, most of my driving will be on paved roads.

:redface: Thoughts, opinions, recommendations?

John412 03-07-2011 07:50 PM

Have you looked into the Rancho 9000XL's? There adjustable and I like them on my rig so far. I dont have alot of miles on them but when I'm on road I can stiffen them up and when I go in the pines i have turned them down to get a softer feel going over all the bumps and ruts and stuff. They also seem to be over much better quality than the 5000 series. I'm familiar with them and have sold a lot, not really heard great things about them. The 9000xl's are a much beefier construction from having had my hands on both.
I feel those 5000's are a entry level "upgrade" and you might not be happy with them, you often get what you pay for.

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