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blabMOXkd 03-08-2011 08:54 AM

Bluetooth OBD II sensor / android app
Did a quick search before posting and couldn't find anything related, but sorry if this has been asked or previously posted. Also couldn't find a decent section to put it in...

While browsing the android market, I noticed an app suggestion called "Torque." Interested, I opened it up to see that it was an app that will connect to a bluetooth OBD II sensor and read the diagnostic info for comparable cars.

Im curious if any shop/store owners or even fellow jeepers have seen or actually used something like this. Id like to pick it up just for gits and shiggles to play around.

The website for the app was Torque — OBD2 Performance and Diagnostics for your Vehicle
It lists a few different modles of bluetooth adapters, and if it seems like something worth getting, I just might.

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