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bigdougjeeps 03-08-2011 06:57 PM

Handling Problems
Hi folks,
Bought a 2001 TJ from a buddy. Handles poorly and I've been trying to track it down. Had it re-aligned, but they could only get it barely in specs before running out of adjustment. Also, put in a drop pitman arm (I know, I know). I'm a former leaf springs guy so I thought that was the problem before I read all the blogs. I'll go back to to OEM, but that isn't my question. Here goes. Feels like the back end is moving around on me. I have to constantly make adjustments when driving and any bump or grove wants to take the Jeep. Can't keep it this way cuz my 16 YO son drives it. The Jeep has a Rubicon Express 3.5" superflex lift with the stock track bars. I talked to the guy who I bought it from and found out that after the lift he had adjustable upper control arms put on the front by a shop and he personally put adjustable upper control arms on the rear. He added a CV joint and so the rear pumpkin is angled up to make a 0 angle for the u-joint at the pumpkin. Now, what I noticed was that this has torqued the rear track bar in its mounts. There is a Rubicon express adapter for the track bar that came with the lift, but it doesn't look like the one made to compensate for the pumkin angle.

Now, when I shake the Jeep back and forth in the rear it does sound like there is excessive movement, although I can't make anything move if I crawl underneath and grab the track bar. Seems pretty solid then.

Here are the questions: Does the rear track bar seem like the most likely culprit? If so, would it be wizer to stick with the stock one and replace the Rubicon adapter with one made for the Pumpkin angle or opt for an adjustable one and stay with the adapter that is on there. Also, with the alignment barely in specs would that caster and camber angles be compounding the wondering or am I OK so long as they are within specs (even if just barely).

There ya go. Hope you can help.

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