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mbaseel 03-09-2011 03:39 AM

Rear D44 Rodeo swap to YJ
I have the chance to get a d44 out of a Rodeo with new chromo shafts in it for $300. Any thoughts on this? The Axle already has 4.10 gears as I do so there will be no need to mess with that. Lookin for some advice. Anyone have experience in this and what my final cost might be close to? Any other stuff to look for? From what I understand they were stock as a spring under and measure 58". I understand that it has the 6x5.5 lug pattern but the seller claims to have the chromo shafts from alloy usa that are 5x4.5 lug pattern that fit so i should be able to run my wheels that I have now. Since it is disk brakes I will have to get different rotors because of the 5x4.5 swap correct? This question may be irrelevant because I can't for the life of me find a 5x4.5 disk conversion for this axle. Anyone that has messed with this set up please share your knowledge.

Mitchness 03-09-2011 11:18 AM

When I was searching for my D44 I considered these axles. I dropped the idea because of too much uncertainty about it. Apparently the widths differ depending on year. 93-95 is 56", 96-97 is 59 3/4, 98+ wasn't clear... somewhere between 62" to 64".

It also is 6x5.5 like you said. It also has metric brake lines. But if all the conversions have been made and you can verify the width then it would prolly be worth it. *shrug*

mbaseel 03-09-2011 12:57 PM

What did you end up going with when you swapped in a D44? I have found conversion spacers for this axle that go from 6x5.5 to the 5x4.5 but that would end up costing me an extra $100 and the chromo axle shafts would become obsolete. It also would lengthen my wheel base and being a dd I have to have my tires covered with my flares here in Oregon.

Mitchness 03-09-2011 04:28 PM

Well, I was originally searching for a D44 out of a Cherokee or Comanche. I looked into the Isuzu ones when it showed potential and I could get my hands on one. Like I said the uncertainty of its compatibility rattled me so I ditched the idea 'til I could do more research on it... but in the meantime a Comanche D44 became available so I jumped on it. :/

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