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RMBC73 03-14-2011 04:13 PM

Another rear brake issue
Hi, guys. We bought an '02 X, auto, a couple of months ago (third jeep in the family!) and are having rear brake problems.

We realized, due to some packed snow and ice, that the rear left wheel could spin freely with the brakes fully applied and the car at a complete stop. Brought it back and the dealer then changed the proportioning valve, cylinders, shoes and turned the drums. On Saturday we changed the rear axle fluid and decided to test the brakes while it was on the stands....same issue, the left rear doesn't stop turning. The only way to get it to stop is to stomp on the pedal as if you were in an emergency. Gradually applying the brakes will not stop it. The pedal is firm. I also changed the brake fluid and it flowed freely from the bleeder. The dealer is still looking at it but is also saying there is very little braking coming from the rear of all TJs. I understand that the majority of braking is from the front but I certainly would expect the rear to be helping out somewhat!

Any ideas?


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