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John412 03-14-2011 05:48 PM

Rugged ridge wheels on jk ??
Anyone use them and if so what tires did you go with and pics would be great. This tire and wheel business is a joke and its a big investment to make and not be happy with. I have priced a tire and wheel set up from a few different company's and Discount Tire has been the best so far. The deal is, I can get RR wheels from my through my business and just pay them off and than get the DuraTracs I want from one of my customers for 1350 for 5 of 315/70/17. Or I could settle for the combo from Discount Tire. Just kinda shady on the RR wheels and there kinda pricey even at Jobber cost. The problem I had with the Discount Tire set up was that It looks like I would have to settle for 285/70/17 not really what I want to do. I know i'm not alone with this tire upgrade thing and need to do something within the next few weeks. The JK is looking for bigger tires with that 3.5" lift on it but the driver isnt gonna jump to quick.

jk fletch 03-14-2011 06:16 PM

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I was in the same boat for about 2-3 weks. I searched and searched ect.. I found the 15" Rasor wheels from MB and the Duratrac's as a package from Discount tire. I forgot about the tread lightly rebate, however I did mention this Forum and received another 50.00 off. I had to pay Tax due to them being shipped out of Ohio. It was around 1450 for everything including mounting and lug nuts. I dont know if you want black wheels or polished ones. the other Black MB wheels were 10 bucks less. This price was for 5 not 4. heres a pic, Good luck
the Duratrac's are 33x12.5x15 I think they were 179. each

John412 03-14-2011 07:19 PM

I see those wheels spaced your tires out a bit. I just need to know that I'll be able to basically run 35X12.5 tires on my JK and not rub is what i;m getting at. As much as this has been beaten to death in 100 different threads i'm still kinda weary of the whole situition and do not want to add wheel spacers. I just want to take rims with 12.5" tires and wheel with no rubbing. Its not hard to figure this but everytime i think I got it I'm not sure again.

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