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GrNMoNsTr--93YJ 03-14-2011 08:09 PM

Creek Crossing Gone Bad (PLEASE HELP)
I recently went on a quick four wheeling trip with a buddy after work last week following a solid week of rain. Come to find out a week of light drizzle can take a creek up about 3 feet in no time. We were fine crossing the first few crossings but on the fourth or fifth crossing the water had risen considerably but my stubborn Jeep newb courage kicked in and I thought I could ford the river.

Made it halfway across and stalled out :/ got her started back up and powered to the other side. The water was easily to within an inch of the top of my fenders and I have a 4 inch lift and 33's. I made it home that night and have driven it as usual for about a week now.

My only concern is I am now hearing a pretty noticeable ticking noise coming from either my number 1 or 2 cylinder. Sounds like a lifter or one of the components inside the head (I'm no gearhead so pardon any newbish terms). I read a post not too long ago about a Jeep "tick" that the guy referred to as sounding like he was running a diesel. I need this Jeep to get me to work everyday and I don't want to risk ruining the engine by driving it as normal after almost entirely drowning the engine.

I think everything else is alright but I definitely some water got sucked through the exhaust and through the intake and made its way into parts of the engine where it shouldn't be. Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated. If you need pictures or videos or anything to help diagnose let me know and I'll get them ASAP. I need my baby purring like a kitten soon.

Signalman 03-14-2011 08:44 PM

Change you're oil, you prolly got water in it. Buy some cheep oil as you may have to change it, run it a couple minutes and change again till there's no water in the oil you drain. Then put you're normal oil in, & make sure there's no water left in exhaust system

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MellowYellow89YJ 03-14-2011 08:50 PM

Have you checked the oil? With water that deep, you likely have water mixed in which would make it look milky, and not lubricate properly. Any time you go thru that deep of water, you will need to change all of the fluids from the axles up. Unless your Jeep intake and various vent lines have been properly modded you'll introduce water into lots of places it should not be and if left cotaminated, problems will develop.

nick50471 03-14-2011 08:52 PM

X2 on changing oil. Also use Seafoam. Check all your fluids and replace if needed.

GrNMoNsTr--93YJ 03-14-2011 09:18 PM

I had just used seafoam in my oil and gas tank the week before i went so when my check deposits tomorrow I'll be buying more to run through again. and I also have five quarts of some plain old penzoil i'll run through it then i'll probably buy my normal castrol gtx hi miles after that if its not milky anymore. and in regards to checking fluids, how would i go about checking the diff fluid without cracking those suckers open and also if i do need to replace them where is the filler located for each. I'm new to wrenching on my vehicles because my previous three vehicles were very low maintenance. my truck was high maintenance in the gas dept but I only needed to change the oil in her every 5k ish.

billytheyj 03-14-2011 10:38 PM

Don't forget ALL fluids will need to be changed! I had an experience kinda like that but I was driving down the middle of a small river it was only to the top of the tires then suddenly splush it got to the top of the hood. I somehow got out with out stalling, but long story short changed all fluids but trannsmission cuz I was young and dumb and didn't know the trannmission had a breather. Whoops good luck!

Undead-89 03-15-2011 12:09 AM

Check you Exhaust and intake mainfold bolts too. I have heard ticking from those if they get loose. Hard to say what a cold water shock to a Hot metal component can do.

billytheyj 03-15-2011 12:24 AM


Originally Posted by Undead-89
Check you Exhaust and intake mainfold bolts too. I have heard ticking from those if they get loose. Hard to say what a cold water shock to a Hot metal component can do.

True about 10 minutes after I had escaped the river my engine did start knocking. It ended up being the timing chain getting slack and smacking against the timing chain cover. I had to replace the timing chain and sprockets.

GrNMoNsTr--93YJ 03-15-2011 05:12 PM

Put her in the shop today for state inspection, brakes and fluid maintenance. The guy is going to call me tomorrow and let me know what the damage to my wallet is going to be and if there has been any serious damage to my Jeep. I just told him to replace all my fluids from the axle up and check my exhaust because it was pretty much all underwater. I'll let you know if the oil was the problem or if its something more than that and I may be replacing the goodies inside the cylinder head. If thats the case then I might be asking about what to replace with and if I could add a little HP/performance by using a different set of lifters/rockers/crankshaft/etc. (like I said I'm not a gear head so bear with me)

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