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lost 06-04-2007 01:38 AM

it's startting to get hot again and my ac is broke
to start off, i dont know anything about a/c systems.
mine doesnt work and hasn't worked for the time thative owed the jeep. the guy i bought it from said it just needed freeon(i thinkthats what he said) but i dont think that that is whats wrong.

the ac doent shoot out air on any of the settings, just every now atnd then when i or someone else turns the knob, i can here a faint pffffftttt. thats it. so what shoukd I check first???

thanks in advance :D ,

richp 06-04-2007 06:33 AM

Step one, take it to a shop and have it suctioned and recharged, if you have been driving it for a while and have leaks you also now have air in the system. You can try adding a small can to the system but that probably won't help.
Step two, repair what is needed, they will put a dye in the new R134a that you can see with a black light, thats used to spot leaks. Go from there..

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