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Jahaira_JeepYJ89_fan 06-05-2007 10:52 AM

Very Sad I bought a Lemon...
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:( Well Ive had my jeep for like a month and a half now, the poor thing hasnt moved yet. My husband been working on it, ever sence we got alot of new part and replaced the old ones but the jeep is still having problems, I believe we've done almost everything, except two things, ckeck the timing light and the carburator to see if the main problem is comming from there.

Let me tell you the story of My Jeep

Its an 89 YJ with only 80K miles, apparently it was owened by only two people before me.

The last owner didnt know anything about cars, and he didnt even take it for a spin that much, some people say that the fact that it wasnt ridden much can be the cause of all the problems... I dont know much about cars either but Im studiying as I go, learning new things from mechanics and friends that work on cars.

Hopefully my Husband and I can come across the problem soon...

We started noticing the problem as soon as we bought it on the second day, the Jeep wouldn't Idle right, and from then on it started getting worst...

well I just had to write down what Im going through at the moment, I have alot of hope on my Jeep and I know that when its fix, its going to be like a brand new Jeep and it will last me for years!
Looking forward to it all.

Happy Mudding

Jahaira Cochrane;)

Dare2BSquare 06-05-2007 11:11 AM

Looks good sitting in the parking lot, though. You can always sit behing the wheel and make engine noises with your mouth.

J/K Hope you figure it out soon, they are much more fun when you can actually drive them. I'd concentrate on the carb first.

And welcome to the forum.

JCS05Rubi 06-05-2007 01:00 PM


get that carb off there, cleaned out and rebuilt. Might be old gas that gummed it up

Jahaira_JeepYJ89_fan 06-05-2007 01:17 PM

Im working on it again Today

Originally Posted by Dare2BSquare (Post 88459)
Looks good sitting in the parking lot, though. You can always sit behing the wheel and make engine noises with your mouth.

J/K Hope you figure it out soon, they are much more fun when you can actually drive them. I'd concentrate on the carb first.

And welcome to the forum.

Haha Yeah I actually do get behind the wheel and daydream of
4wheeling, jaja.

Yeah Ill concetrate on the Carb..

Hopefully that would be the end of my anxiety.


JCS05Rubi 06-05-2007 01:29 PM

Just Empty Every Pocket

Odd is he 06-05-2007 02:01 PM

MY 87 did the same thing, replace the carb and you'll be running like new.

daddyjeep 06-06-2007 11:12 AM

I assume you have the 4.2 litre 6 cyl. If so, the carb is garbage. Don't bother trying to fix it. Get a Weber or I've heard others talk about the MC2100. If you have the coin, upgrade to fuel injection. It will cost about a grand, but worth every penny.

JCS05Rubi 06-07-2007 11:58 AM

Not a problem Jahaira. I hope you get your problem solved soon. Let us know how it turns out :D

fly's~yj 06-09-2007 09:46 AM

also..try putting in good gas, some sea-foam and change the fuel filters..along with the carb..

Scott Free 06-09-2007 11:33 AM

Yeah...I'd definitely try the Seafoam.

wolverine 07-05-2007 08:40 PM

Rough Idle
:wavey: Just another thought, Pop open the distributor cap and make sure its dry. Might be some condensation in there from not being driven much. Pull the spark plugs and clean off any carbon build up( Put in new plugs if they look funky) Check all of your vacuum hoses for good connections. If it has a carb, start it up and hold at a high idle a spray some gumout in the carb. Raise the hood at night in the dark and see if there is any arcing from the plug wires anywhere. Thats the route I would take anyway. Good Luck,its most likely something very minor.

82shortbox 07-05-2007 10:38 PM

carter carb (sorry so long)
I bought an 88 wrangler that sat in a barn for 4 years and it had an idle problem. Was tired of doing the three legged shufle at all the stops, would not idle at all. Found this article, all it took was fifteen minutes, runs like a champ will idle down to 800 rpms without a miss. Is fun to drive now!
Easy Fix for Jeep 258 Carter BBD Idle Problem

by Terry L. Howe

The Jeep 258 (4.2L) I6 isn't a power house, but it has gobs of low RPM torque that makes it a great engine off-road. The most common problem I see with the engine is it's inability to idle. Between the 258 in my '81 CJ-7 and a couple friends that have 258 equipped Wranglers, I have fixed this problem half a dozen times and the cause of the problem has always been the same. The problem has always been caused by clogged idle tubes that cause fuel to drip out of the venturis and make the Jeep run rich at idle. Fixing the problem is relatively easy and once you get past this problem, you will get much more enjoyment from the 258 and the Carter BBD carburetor.

The Carter BBD is a two barrel carburetor that was available on late 70s to late 80s Jeeps with the 4.2L engine. There are two variations of the carburetor, one is computer controlled and has a stepper motor on the back side. The computer controlled version was used after 1981. Other than that, the two versions are the same although it seems the stepper motor version is a bit more troublesome.

The Symptoms
The symptoms of the problem include stumbling and sputtering at idle. In advanced cases, the Jeep will stall at every stop sign and will only run at high RPMs. Gas mileage will suffer since fuel will just be sloshing out at idle. Sometimes the idle will be turned up to a high RPM to avoid the problem. Typically, the Jeep will run fine at higher RPMs (unless there are also other problems.)
For a sure diagnosis, park the Jeep with the engine off and remove the air cleaner cover. There should be a plate over the throat of the carb, the choke plate. If you open the choke plate you should be able to see down the throat of the carb and you should see two screws with holes in the middle of them. Next to them are two passages with a nozzle in the middle of each. This thing is known as the venturi, when air passes by, fuel is supposed to be drawn out through the nozzles. If the idle tubes are clogged fuel will drip from those nozzles during idle.

In order to see if fuel drips from the nozzles at idle, you must start your Jeep with the air cleaner cover off and look down the throat of the carb. The Jeep Technical Service Manual recommends that, when you do this, you cover the air cleaner with a piece of plexiglass since the engine can backfire through the carb and a flame can shoot out. Since I am reckless and like living dangerously, I never do this.

After you have chosen the wise or foolish path, start your Jeep and open the choke plate. If your idle tubes are badly clogged, you will see fuel dripping from the nozzles at idle (if your Jeep will idle at all.) If you don't see fuel dripping, but your idle is still poor, open the throttle a bit with your hand or have a friend hit the accelerator. You should see two even streams of fuel and no dripping from the nozzles. Any dripping means clogged idle tubes.

While you are doing this, make sure you don't put your hand or anything else into rotating parts like the fan. Keep your tie away from that thing (some people just want to look good all the time.) Same goes if you are a "long hair, freaky" Tesla type. All joking aside, I've heard some bad stories.

The Solution
Neither removal of the carburetor nor a complete rebuild is necessary to fix the problem. To fix the problem, start with you Jeep off and parked securely:
Remove the air cleaner cover and air cleaner. You may need to remove a few hoses and wires to get the air cleaner out of the way. Make sure you tag them all so you can put them back in the right spot. It's often easiest not to remove the heater hose that goes to the exhaust manifold, if you have one.
Remove hoop that holds air cleaner.
Remove the two screws holding the choke plate with a 3/16" socket or small flat blade screw driver depending on what screws you have holding it. Be careful not to drop the screws down the manifold unless you enjoy fishing. Remove the choke plate.
If your carb has one, remove the plate on the side that covers the choke linkage so you can access the screw holding the choke rod. It may be necessary to drill out a rivet to get it free.
Remove the little snap ring and screw (1/4" socket) that holds the rod that holds the choke plate and remove the rod. A screw driver will normally push off the snap ring.
Remove the two screws with holes in the middle of them and carefully remove the venturi cluster with the two little gaskets. There should be two idle pickup tubes pushed into the venturi sticking out of the bottom. If they have fallen out, that could cause your idle problem.
Blast the venturi and inside of carb with lots of carb cleaner. Be sure not to dislodge the check ball in the center.
With a long thin pin or piece of piano wire, make sure the idle tubes and nozzles are clear. After you have run them through, spray with more carb cleaner.
Put the cleaned out venturi cluster back with the two gaskets and two screws.
Replace the choke rod with snap ring and screw and replace the choke plate. Make sure all the screws are tight that hold together the carb body at this time. Often the screws will loosen up and dirt will be sucked into the carb.
Replace the plate covering the choke linkage with a sheet metal screw, or leave it off.
Replace the air cleaner.
Smooth idle should have returned after this simple process. If you still have idle problems and don't have any dripping, make sure all the vacuum hoses are hooked up and in good shape. Also check for leaks around the intake manifold or a loose carburetor.
To avoid repeated clogged idle tubes, drill out the idle tubes to 0.032". This will greatly reduce the frequency of clogging and it is a procedure that was actually recommended by Jeep for a while.

An alternative to removing the choke plate and all is to just remove the top of the carburetor. The advantage of this approach is you can make sure there isn't a lot of junk in the bowls, you can check your float adjustment, etc. It also may help if you have power brakes because the master cylinder may be in the way of getting the choke rod out.

Thanks to Randy Peterson for posting this solution a few years back. I've used it on various Jeeps many times since.

82shortbox 07-06-2007 04:57 AM

carter carburator
Mine was leaking on the drivers side when looking down the carburator, if you gased it you could see the stream of gas being injected into the carb.The right side had gas bubbling around above the lower plate, mine would not idle at all. I took the six screws off around the top of the carb, unhooked the three c clips on the linkages on the carb one for throttle, one for choke, and one for fast idle. And yes I lost one clip and had to pick one up at the auto parts!! I pulled the two screws and lifted the two tubes off as an assembly, the left side I could blow thru but the other I could not. I took a fine pieace of wire and ran it thru the plugged one and verified it being open by blowing thru it. Put it back together and it runs like a champ. Hope this helps Gordie

daddyjeep 07-06-2007 11:58 AM

Nice work Gordie. This should be a sticky now. This might save some people a few bucks if this actually works. Doesn't cost a thing to try it.

GoHack 07-12-2007 10:59 PM

Other suggestions:

Run Chevron Techron Fuel System Cleaner in your fuel tank, at least once a month, it's the best, and use Chevron gas, w/it's Techron additive.

Another good brand of gas is Shell.

Stay away from ARCO.

Dare2BSquare 07-12-2007 11:11 PM

We are posting to ourselves. She hasn't been back since the second post!!!
Guess she got what she wanted.

naterg 07-13-2007 12:58 AM


Originally Posted by Dare2BSquare (Post 103090)
We are posting to ourselves. She hasn't been back since the second post!!!
Guess she got what she wanted.

either that or the poor thing never started, and she just couldn't take it...

Jahaira_JeepYJ89_fan 07-13-2007 12:52 PM

Hey Guys! Yes I finnaly got the jeep running like a champ, I thank you all for your help and all the important imformation. Ive been off the computer for a long time due to computer Problems.. now Im back yay! again thank you all for the great information, yes the problem was the carb, there where loos parts inside and it was a mess, we got them tighten and cleaned up and whallah! its brand new :D IM SO ECITED! now its time to get me a nice brand new SOFTTOP. Ill be on and off here everyday :) Keep intouch yall!

JCS05Rubi 07-13-2007 12:59 PM

Good for you! Glade you got it running:p

Levinoss 07-13-2007 03:01 PM

Yay another jeep on the road, dont forget to wave!


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