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techflork 03-22-2011 07:53 AM

Stocker wrangler and water fordging
I don't plan to go into lakes or anything, and if we chose to go across a creek or river i'd walk it first to make sure it's not going to take us under but how deep is too deep for a stock wrangler with cooper A/T ST and a winch on the front. Anything I should do to the jeep before taking on water? I mean we've gone through muddy puddles and a creek that had like 2 inches of water but obviously that's not gonna get in the way haha. Also just out of curiousity I heard it's an awful idea to hit any puddles or water at high speeds cause the mud or water can shoot into place that will hurt the engine or somethin. I also don't wanna flood the jeep if the water comes past the door, are the sealed or do I need to do an aftermarket deal?

Peepers 03-22-2011 07:58 AM

I drove through a puddle as deep as my hood with miss aligned doors and I didn't get any water in the cabin... messed with my electronics real good, but some how it didn't leak...

IJump 03-22-2011 08:10 AM

From my experience, there are three main things to worry about when going through water: Air intake, exhaust, ane electric stuff.

If you get in water up to your air intake, you are screwed. Engines don't like breathing water for some reason.

If the water covers your exhaust, you want to keep the pressure coming out of the exhaust enough to keep the water out, so stay on the gas if possible. The gas pedal doesn't have to be to the floor...

The electric is a different issue, and sometimes you never know until you get into the water. The radio and other electronics inside the cab defeinately won't like water, but you can short out stuff in the engine too if you have some questionable/exposed wiring.

If you are worried about the carpet and seats and getting wet, I would suggest staying out of water past the bottom of the doors. Water building up and spashing against most door shouldn't be a problem unless there is a really bad fit at the doors. Keep moving and the water should flow around for the most part, most of the time the path of least resistance for the water won't be into your cab.

Those are just my observations from my experience driving in the military and personal jeep driving.

NHrubicon 03-22-2011 08:15 AM

never, ever...hit the water fast and hard. That's an invitation to water in the air intake (which is called 'hydrolock' and means time to buy a new engine). Also can affect your alternator. Good rule of thumb...up to the center of the tire at slow speed is okay, up to the top of the tires...pucker up and hope you don't hit a deep hole and go deeper.
You do have the best idea...walking it first, or egging someone else to drive first and watching what HE runs into! LOL....but always take it easy and once you start, don't stop-keep moving. IF you suddenly start nosediving get into reverse and back out of it easy-don't spin the tires. And if you do get stuck but are still running, keep it running and get a winch line or strap line to someone else and get pulled out. DON'T SHUT THE ENGINE OFF....

jgorm 03-22-2011 09:16 AM

I wouldn't go past the bottom of the doors on a stock jeep. Even then your carpet might get wet (but then you can throw it in the trash). This was my last jeep on 31s with stock everything. The carpet got wet.

This is my current jeep, still on 31s. The camera is mounted on the top of the bumper.

techflork 03-22-2011 09:40 AM

thanks guys! those videos were helpful! if the carpet gets wet I may just rip it up and put that raptor spray on. So i guess the only way to ensure i don't ruin the jeep is by being really careful or buying one of those snorkels haha. I would get one if it wasn't so freaking expensive! Not worth it for me

773H HO 03-22-2011 10:35 AM

If you just have to cross a fairly deep stream you might consider backing through it. That keeps the water from being forced into the engine compartment and the fan.

wasurfer86 03-22-2011 10:50 AM

i personally change my diff. fluid more often depending on the amount of fording i do. ive had water get in there before, now granted it wasnt a lot but why take a chance with the gears.

jgorm 03-22-2011 10:59 AM


Originally Posted by wasurfer86 (Post 1131570)
i personally change my diff. fluid more often depending on the amount of fording i do. ive had water get in there before, now granted it wasnt a lot but why take a chance with the gears.

My diff vents were at the top of the hood. The tranny vent is the one you need to worry about.

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