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sdh796 03-28-2011 08:06 PM

02 Jeep Wrangler... Misfires, P-0300, Reset Engine Light, Runs Fine, Repeat...
I have an 02 Jeep Wrangler X , 6 cylinder engine with about 75000 miles. The other day, it died on me. Looked under the hood and the crankcase ventilation hose was cracked and had fallen off... I replaced it.

It ran for a few days, then out of the blue, was driving and the engine seemed to shudder, the engine light came on, and it started to lose power and tried to die. (both at highway and low speeds) Took it to a shop, they replaced with Crank Position Sensor twice before I picked it up (they thought the replacement sensor was also bad), and I drove it home. On the way home, I had the same problem as before (shuddering, engine light, loses power).

Back to the shop, all they could figure out was that the engine was misfiring. They reset the codes, drove it about 50 miles, of course, no problems.

I pick it up today, started to drive home... same problem as before within ten miles of the shop. Drove it to an auto parts store, checked the code (P-0300), reset the engine light, and drove home...

I am assuming this will all start over again in the morning... Fearing some major mechanical issues are looming under the hood. Please help!

TexasT 03-31-2011 10:40 AM

I have a 99 with the coil so mine is a bit different, but if I were you I would look at all of these...
spark plugs or wires, coil pack, oxygen sensor(s), fuel injector(s), burned exhaust valve, catalytic converter, stuck/blocked EGR valve / passages, camshaft position sensor, bad ECM.
Very broad, but recommended by several sources. The thing that pops out on your post is the cracked ventilation replaced it and it worked for a few days....I would start in that area and see if there is anything else cracked or loose or old.
Good luck

sdh796 03-31-2011 01:01 PM

Thanks, starting the process... replaced the coil and plugs last night... this morning all six cylinders and general misfire code...

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