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adkjoe 03-30-2011 07:54 AM

Bestop seat covers
Before I spend 130 bucks on seat covers whats the consensus on these bestop seat covers? I need covers badly.

Bestop Seat Covers-RH1

jp2611 03-30-2011 08:06 AM

Have never had Bestop covers-have had 2 sets RR and One Cover King.

I didn't like the way they attached-and were very hot in the summer-were the neoprene.

Got Dirty Mudders from InfernoGirl-easy on, easy off, look great and custom made the way you want. Check for pricing very close. :):dance:

Dockman4 03-30-2011 01:49 PM

I actually have these and I love them. My buddy had them and he liked them so much that I purchased a set. My dog got them dirty the first day I had them on, and they wiped right off. They also don't slide around (so you have to keep adjusting them) like the cheap-o's do.

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