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dandewitt97 03-30-2011 02:48 PM

Dashboard, turn signal and brake lights all go out at once?
Beginning problem: Brake lights, dashboard lights and turn signals all go out at once.

Current problems: I fixed the brake lights and turn signals (just by changing the bulbs) but the dashboard does not light up. The icons (turn signals, brake light, check engine light....) work fine but when I turn on my headlights the dashboard doesn't light up. And my check engine light is on just to top it off.

How it happened: I was just driving around town for a half hour and everything was fine, put the parking brake on to run into the house for a second. When I come back the car is still running but all the lights are off except the check engine light.

Most likely the cause: So I bought a subwoofer and a new headunit and installed it myself. In order to install the 2 new parts I had to cut some wires behind the dashboard.

What I did to fix it:
1. Checked the fuses behind the glove box. The turn signal fuse was blown so i replaced it then check it by putting the turn signal on and it worked. Then I put the hazard lights on and the fuse blew again.

2. Replaced all the light bulbs. All the bulbs looked fine but I did it anyways and it fixed my brake lights and turn signal problem.

3. Checked fuses under the hood. Everything was fine.

4. Rechecked my entry level wiring job. I figured I must have accidently grounded/not fully covered some wire-that seemed to be the only explination if 3 seperate electrical things went out. But it was fine.

TOKKIE 03-30-2011 03:07 PM

The dash lights not turning on is usually an indication that the running lights are not comming on. This is to let you know when the running lights are not working, I would check the fuse for running lights. I'm assuming the dimmer is turned up.

jefferyfghezzi 03-30-2011 03:10 PM

Do you use your parking brake very often? could you have a short in the PARKING BRAKE SWITCH? After your installation all was well until you used the parking brake. What wires did you cut?The ones that went to the head unit?

dandewitt97 03-30-2011 06:50 PM

The dimmer is up.

All the wires that I cut were related to the head unit, they were all directly behind the dashboard and connected to the old radio. I wanted to play my ipod through my "new" head unit that was made in 1999 so it took some wiring that isn't exactly by the book. But I had my ipod/new head unit for about a month before any of these problems started; and my subwoofer was installed (by me) a few days with no problems.

I use my parking brake a lot. When I was working on it I had the car running for a little with the parking brake on and the brake/turn signals continued to work.

I have seriously checked every fuse in both fuse boxes. I figured I took power from the lights in order to power the sub on accident but since the lights worked after I wired the sub, that cant be it.

Im thinking it has to have something to do with the way I did the sub. I am going to recheck that tomorrow unless someone has another suggestion for me. :surrender:

dandewitt97 03-30-2011 07:46 PM

So I just got back from autozone and I had them see why my check engine light is on. They said I have a oxygen sensor problem (P0133). I mentioned that I screwed around with the wires but they promised me it has nothing to do with it. No wonder this was so hard to fix, it is totally unrelated and just has extremely annoying timing. :facepalm: Now I just need to get those dashboard lights working and Ill be in good shape.

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