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04rubtj 04-01-2011 12:43 PM

jeep painting
Im trying to save 2500 bucks but paint my jeep my self so im looking for some tips and/or advice. the only body work/painting ive done on a jeep is removing the doors hinges, sanded them down and sprayed them with bedliner. I would be removing the doors, hood, tail gate, taillights, headlights, fenders, soft top and plastic fuel door insert. I will be painting it the new camaro green.

Can I just rough up the clear coat before laying down the new base color?

What grit sand paper should I use to sand the body with?

Any other input u think i should know is appreciated. Thanks

Peepers 04-01-2011 12:57 PM

I've had 2 friends get macco paint jobs, one on a full size blazer for $800, and the other was a geo tracker for $350. We did all the prep work ourself.

Start by removing all the hardware: door handles, take the top compleatly off if you can, any seals or parts still attached to the body.

Sand down with progressivly higher sandpaper: 100, 200, 400 (the highest we used on one). 800 if needed. Don't go through the primer to baremetal, but if you start to see the primer thats not bad. your trying to take the shine off.

Blow of the dust and wipe down with paint thinner, or somekind of degreaser to clean it. it will also highlight any areas that are still shiny and need to be sanded down more. After that I have no real experiance.

M_ 04-01-2011 02:09 PM

Maaco quoted me 550 bucks to do everything

phritchey 04-05-2011 11:43 PM

Your new base color will be sprayed over a sealer do not spray base color over existing finishes,
1st is bodywork
then spray primer surfacer over the bodywork, then block sand (180grit to 240).
then reprime with primer surfacer any spots that are not perfect and/or came thru. then Final sand (wet 400 to 600).
Then spray sealer, then spray base color, then clear.

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