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Absolute Offroad 06-14-2007 09:41 PM

5.13 Gears in an Auto JK Rubicon....Some observations
First off, let me tell you, this was the final chapter to modifying our JK. After the 5.5" RockKrawler Mid arm lift and 37" BFG Krawler's there was something missing. GEARS. Everyone is afraid of big gears because they are afraid that "they wont be able to drive down the freeway" I am here to tell you that all of the little irritating quirks that arose from putting 37" tires on a JK are NOW GONE. Gone....not being able to use Overdrive even on a dead flat freeway. GONE....Speedo that was WAY off and the transmission shifting quirks that came with that. Now with 5.13 gears from Superior Axle and gear, it will hold O/D on the freeway, and in O/D with the converter locked up, its at 2300 RPM @ 60 MPH. I really dont see the safety factor in driving a 5.5" lifted, 37 inch tired JK at anything ABOVE 75, so these are going to be perfect. I am going to put my 35" Mickey Thompson MTX's on tomorrow and see how the RPM is, but I bet it will still be well within reason!!! I will keep everyone updated on the MPG too. On a side note, since there is No speedo correction for the 07 JK's because of the fact that they read speed from the transmission output shaft speed sensor, the speedo reading with 37's is STILL 2 MPH SLOW. It will most likely be about the same 2 off with the 35's but I think it will be fast. BEST MOD YET!!!!! :drool:

Absolute Offroad

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