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TalkIsJeep 04-03-2011 11:49 AM

Tightening outside door handle..advice?
I'm posting too many requests for help on here and not offering enough..I really need to learn Jeeps. :hide:

My driver's side door handle is loose and it's driving me crazy (Very loud metal on metal grinding sound whenever the door is shut). I read on here that there should be some sort of "ratcheting mechanism" which I could tighten and that would solve my problem, but I'm at a loss here since I can't really find anything like that.

That arm there that is connected directly to the handle seems to be the only thing that keeps the entire handle in place as far as I can tell. As I slide the exterior handle in and out, the only thing that stops it from going out further is that arm. Any advice? I'd like to get this done ASAP without packing up and putting it back together still loose, so anything, even just speculation would be greatly appreciated! :punk:

ETA - If you notice the small rust spot on the bottom of the handle, that's exactly where it's going in and out, and how far it slides. I feel like there should have been a notch there or something to catch it and that would completely tighten it up..maybe I should just JB Weld it?

TalkIsJeep 04-03-2011 12:58 PM

Okay, answered my own question...for anyone else who has this problem and stumbles upon this thread, here's whatcha do..

While looking at the picture, you'll see a metal shim type piece at the top right of the actual handle (It's lit up by the sun there). There's one right there, and one on the opposite side, the top left of the handle. They seemed to be like shims, maybe with teeth so they stay where you put em? But you just wanna reach your hand up there and push down on each one as hard as you can, while pushing the loose handle inward with your other hand. Tightened my handle right up, and it was easy as hell once I knew what I was doing. PM me if any of you get stuck!

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