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JkJared 04-03-2011 11:37 PM

Oil change?
So I just bought my 2007 wrangler 4dr sahara from the dealer. It had fresh oil as I checked upon purchasing. I then took a trip 400 miles to a my mother in laws when ding the oil change message came up.. Why would this be happening when it's clearly fresh oil? The worst part about this whole situation is it keeps chiming every like 30 seconds while I'm driving even when I dismiss the message it keeps dinging... I'm thinking maybe because it hasn't had a good drive down the highway in a while? Someone please help me out thanks.:banghead:

4 Jeep Family 04-04-2011 12:40 AM

It sounds like the dealer didn't reset the oil mileage reminder.

4 Jeep Family 04-04-2011 12:44 AM

To reset it turn the key to on, don't start. Slowly depress the accelerator pedal all the way down 3 times, within 10 seconds. try to use at least eight seconds.

MCAD135 04-04-2011 12:50 AM

Yeah they forget to do that some times. Easy fix if ya know what to do

Bazzer 04-04-2011 02:01 PM

Oh, I didn't know Wranglers did this. I just changed my oil last weekend and never did the reset. Out of interest I may wait until it comes on so I know how conservative I have been with a timely oil change.

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