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jk'n 04-04-2011 12:57 AM

Clutch not engaging transmission out --> what next
I bought this 92 Wrangler (YJ) for my son.
Previous owner suspected bad clutch, included new clutch kit with sale.
Letting out on the clutch, the vehicle would not move or would move slightly but not fully engage. I removed the transmission from the jeep and then the pressure plate. What I found was that a mouse had diligently built a home in the bell housing for the clutch and somehow the little critter got lots of grass material stuffed into the fingers of the pressure plate release and with all that dried grass in there the fingers would not release. A warning to any YJ owners that you might want to seal up the hole next to the bleeder valve on the clutch throughout slave cylinder. I'm planning on doing that with some silicone sealant to prevent future home builder mouses from setting up shop in my transmission.

The repair manual suggested loading up the pilot bearing in the fly wheel with grease and using a socket just smaller than the inside diameter of the bearing to use hydraulic pressure to force out the bearing by tapping on the socket extension to create the pressure. That didn't work. I purchased a pilot bearing puller and it was out in just a few whacks of the puller. I had to file the corners off of the puller to get it to fit the diameter of the bearing. So don't be afraid to modify a tool to get it to work for your purpose.

The transmission and/or transfer case is leaking oil. I'm cleaning the caked on oil from the case to try and determine where the oil is leaking from. It is looking like the oil is leaking out from the junction of the transmission and transfer case. I will be draining the oil and resealing it if I can determine which one is leaking. I'm hoping that it is not the transmission seal as that one looks more difficult to part and reseal it. Maybe someone can comment on the difficulty of making a new seal on the transmission case junction points.

After the transmission case is cleaned and re-sealed, I'm considering painting the case. Is this advisable? If yes, what color? Since the case is aluminum, should it be painted silver?

The transfer case linkage was heavily rusted and I have removed it from the transmission. There are some rubber parts in the linkage pivot points and they look to be in pretty good condition. I plan on wire brushing the linkage since they have been removed from the rubber pivot points. Should I paint these to keep them from rusting? What lubricant should I use on these points? The spring that is pushed against to move through neutral on the transfer gears is binding on the pivot point for that mechanism. The spring looks pretty strong and I'm wondering if I push the pin that holds it out and release the spring if I'll be able to get it back in place or should I just leave it alone?

The dust cover at the top of the shifter tower is cracked and letting crud into the shifter tower. Do I get one of these from the dealer or is that a whitney purchase. Same thing on the shifter inner and outer boot. The inner boot has been eaten by a rodent and the outer boot is not in good shape. Is this a dealer purchase item or a whitney item? New to this so I'm trying to find my way here.

I think I touched most of the bases that I have arrived at up to now in the repair. Thanks in advance if you are able to help me out on some of these specifics...I'm a clutch virgin...never done this before but so far it has been both challenging and fun working on my own vehicle. It is my second jeep. My son will be driving it when he gets his license in December. But I'm going to have fun with it this summer bombing around in it with the doors off. Much easier on a YJ than my JK.

jk'n 04-04-2011 04:00 PM

Is the hole near the slave cylinder bleeder valve for air circulation by chance? Maybe have to put some wire screen over it instead of plugging it up with silicone glue.

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