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Stormtrooper88 04-04-2011 11:17 AM

Regear or other option??
My Jeep is my DD and every so often I have to take it out on the highway. I have a 3' lift and am running 33' GY Dura's. The rpm's seem to jump pretty good on the shift just before 60ish. I have a auto and am pretty new to the Jeep world. Is this normal due to the fact I'm running 33's. Would I need to regear in the future or is there other options?

Grog 04-04-2011 11:34 AM

Have you reset the speedo for the bigger tires? Look into an AEV Procal. It will recalibrate your speedometer and shift points on the auto.

Your other alternative is to get a Superchips, which will do the same as the Procal but will also tune your engine for twice the price.

I am betting all you need is a procal. The underlying problem is your rigs computer still thinks it has 29" tires. Need to fix that

Stormtrooper88 04-04-2011 11:40 AM

I have not reset the speedo yet. Could this be the issue? I have to take it in to the dealership next week for a recall so I could bring this up. I've been reading about this superchip. It sounds like this could also be my fix.

Grog 04-04-2011 01:10 PM


Originally Posted by Stormtrooper88 (Post 1156997)
I have not reset the speedo yet. Could this be the issue? I have to take it in to the dealership next week for a recall so I could bring this up. I've been reading about this superchip. It sounds like this could also be my fix.

Part of what needs to be done is reset the speedo, the other part is to reset the shift points in the auto tranny. The Superchips will do this, but so will the Procal.

The Superchips will also tune the engine, it has some stock settings for this. the Procal can't do this. And I will warn you, tuning the engine may get you into hot water with the dealer. You have to set it back to stock everytime before you bring it in - I know; its what I do.

The Procal will also reset the shift points and adjust the speedo. Both will enable you to adjust or disable your TPMS settings. The Procal will aid in centering your steering wheel, the Superchips cannot.

The Procal is around $150, Superchips around $300.

The dealer may not be able to help you - their tuner only goes as high as 32" on tires. Which may be perfectly fine for you - most 33's are not atually 33". You should measure. But, they charge heavily.

Unless you are interested in tuning, the Procal will be just fine. I bought a Superchips as someday down the road I will be adding a freeflow exhaust and CAI and could use that function from Superchips.


Tank77 04-04-2011 07:37 PM

I have a friend with almost identical set up as yours and he went with the Superchip and his issues were corrected. Listen to Grog he is 100% right about the dealership jacking with you for adding the Superchip.. Good luck..

Stormtrooper88 04-05-2011 07:43 AM

Is there a certain setting you guys go with on the superchip? I dont really know how to mess with this kind of stuff and really dont wanna mess up my Jeep. I've done alittle research on them but still in the cold..

vze2372e 04-05-2011 09:22 AM

Hey Storm if you are worried, go simple with the ProCal (it is what I have) Sets your gear ratio, tire size, tpms system, daylight running lamps, steering recentering, and when winching, it allows you to raise idle to 2000 rpm.

9 simple dip switches and an idiot chart - that, and because it is a calibration tool, not a programmer, the dealership doesn't see it when bringing it in. About the size of 1"x2"x3"long it simple pops into your OBD port, the horn beeps once, DONE.

If the engine sees inaccurate information because the tires are 33's and it thinks they are stock, it messes with things like traction control, skid control, mileage calculations, speedometer readings, and your ABS. So whatever you do, do it.

I have had the Superchips on my trucks - if you have an automatic (you do), it can reprogram your tranny points with it making them firmer or softer, and "tune" your engine to run with 91 octane. A programmer however will not make up for a lack of gears, and with 33's (coming from stock), you are entering the area gears become essential.

Stormtrooper88 04-05-2011 09:40 AM

I looked at the Procal and its looks pretty straight forward and alot nicer on my wallet. Now I know it comes with abunch of things that you can change but for my problem would I be ok just fixing my tire size or is there more that needs to be changed?

vze2372e 04-05-2011 10:17 AM

You never exactly spelled out your problem - your dashboard information will be incorrect, and your subsystems relying on speed data will also suffer until you recalibrate. If you want that to happen, the procal module is the cheaper simpler choice.

If your complaint is about power, no snap on gadgets will help. You should probably regear anyway at 33's // it must accelerate like a turd - put it this way; I went from 33's to 35's and regeared from 4.10 to 5.13. It is so much better power wise than stock, and keeps a consistent 2850rpm at 65mph on the highway. I think the tall stock gears with the larger tires are your biggest issue.

Tuners can help to a point, but after owning a few on my trucks, I'm not sold on the cost versus benefit scale, especially running 91 octane on race tunes. Unless you have a supercharged/turbocharged engine that can be tweaked by a chip or programmer, you are basically looking at the fuel curve, shift points, a lower temp thermostat and a few other tweaks to eek out a benefit. On a turbocharged superduty, bumping the boost electronically is huge - on a normally aspirated engine? not so much (and you need to burn premium)

So what is it - a question on how to correct for the 33's or a question on how to get more power. You should correct first, then think about adding power - and in the case of the 3.8, gears are what I would suggest in your scenario.

Just my two cents

Stormtrooper88 04-05-2011 10:23 AM

?? would be on what to do to run best at 33's. I know I could regear but I dont have the money for that right now. I have a 09 X what gear ratio am I running? Newbie I know

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