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andres367 04-07-2011 05:30 PM

Ac fan wont blow air
little help here guys,,hopefully wont take much to fix it,,,my ac/heater fan wont turn on. i turn it to high and it wont blow any air, i checked the fuses and there is one labled fan/heater 25,,,,it didnt have a fuse in it so i added one and it immediatly blew the fuse. added another one and same thing,,,,i was thinking about just running a cable from one side to the other but there is evedently a problem otherwise the fuse wouldnt blow up. does anyone have any ideas on what could be wrong. i want the fan to blow that way i can check and see if my AC compressor is working. thanks for all the input in advance !!

jeep is a 95 jeep wrangler,

Undead-89 04-07-2011 05:44 PM

compressor won't blow a fuse. Sounds like the fan itself may have a problem. it is either jammed or shorted. I would check the lines to the fan first and see if the are cut or frayed and possibly touching the chassis.

There should be a DK GRN wire that runs from the fuse box to the harness, from the harness to the AC blower switch it should be a WHT wire. From that switch three wires will run to the blower motor itself. They star out as ORG, GRN and BLU, ten at a connector switch to ORG, RED, YEL.

I would look at all the wires you can find along that path first.

The 25 is the Amperage of the fuse that should be in that spot.

NeilB 04-11-2011 11:20 AM

Unplug the fan, put a fuse in....Does it blow have a shorted wire to the motor. have a shorted fan, get a new one.

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