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TheHighLow 04-07-2011 09:10 PM

Which driving lights should I get and not worry about inspection?
I live in NJ already have fogs but would like to get some more power for off-roading at night or driving on the beach at night/fishing.

These would be mounted with the Quaddratec brackets just above the fog lights.

1. If I get KC Rally 800 130W Long Range lights, in order for me to pass NJ inspection do I have to wire these to a separate switch?

2. if I go the 55w Driving Light route, can I simply splice these into High Beams-will this pass inspection? or will I still have to run a separate switch.

3. Is there another option I should consider which will make it easy to pass inspection?

Thanx all

smaxberry 04-08-2011 05:32 AM

I can only speak to KC, I have the 130w Slimlites, and them along with all other KC can be spliced into your headlamps or powered off a switch. I don't see why any other would be different.

However I am not sure any of KC's products are street legal. Other option check out the thread "paging Hilldweller" I would link it but I am not sure how to on my phone. Tons of info on upgrading the weak headlamps on jeeps.

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