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DocG2828 06-19-2007 09:50 AM

Leaking Front Diff?
Hey all! Was finally swapping my speedo gear when I noticed some drops of fluid leaking from the front diff area. There was a small wet spot on the garage floor (2 inches diamater roughly) and the bottom of the whole front pumpkin is wet looking. What's strange is that its also wet all the way up the back of the front diff to where the axle enters the diff. So if its leaking from the bottom of the diff which is where I saw a drop about to fall....maybe its blowing back. Or its leaking from the axle entry point and the fluid is just working its way down to the lowest point, and dripping from there.

So my question for you techies is.....could it be possible that this is left-over from when I had an oil change done at a quickie lube place. They supposedly lubricated the chassis, etc....full service oil change. They also checked the diff fluid for me.

Or am I looking at some sort of leak?

Help! We're supposed to be taking our Jeep to VA Beach (about 600 miles) on Sat!

1BLKJP 06-19-2007 12:39 PM

Doc, when you say it's "also wet all the way up the back of the front diff to where the axle enters the diff" Do you mean it's wet up to where the drive shaft attaches to the diff? If so then it's a pinion seal leaking. It could also possibly be coming from the breather tube that is on the back side of the diff towards the drivers side.

Best thing to do is wipe it all completely dry and watch to see where it's coming from. I highly doubt unless you have bumped something wheelin that it's "All of a sudden" leaking from the cover. When oil change places check the fluid or change it they don't even crack the cover. They just suck the old fluid out and put new in so I wouldn't be worried that they caused it.

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