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Gorving3 04-11-2011 09:48 PM

New 31X10.5X15 tires
Tried this thread earlier but my computer ate it, trying again. I've ran BFG AT tires since 1993 and always had excellent results from them, but my current set on my 2001 Sahara with about 7/32 tread left has one tire that I've had balanced 3 times since August and it's starting to vibrate slightly again on the highway between 57-60MPH. Tire shop will try to get an adjustment if there's something wrong with the tire but they want to balance all 4 tires, check all tie rod ends and ball joints, and remove the front drive shaft to check the u-joints for any slack. For $75-$85 adjustment on a $886 set of tires don't think I want to go through all that. And the price of a set of BFG tires now is staggering seeing as how my current set was around $650 3-4 years ago.

Question: What brand of tire are the rest of you running as a general all around on/off road tire in roughly 31X10.5X15 tires? Something that's smooth/quiet on the highway and still kind of aggressive for occasional back-road driving. A tire that isn't round and won't stay balanced really annoys me on the highway during a day trip while on vacation.

Appreciate any ideas of suggestions for good looking Jeep tires.

Hope this Post makes it to the Forum.

JDsDream 04-11-2011 09:53 PM

GoodYear Duratrac. IMO best all around tire out there. Smooth, quiet, excellent tread wear. Grips anything, rain, snow, dirt, mud. Great street and trail manners with a pretty agressive look. Pics in profile.

Gorving3 04-11-2011 11:18 PM

Thanks for the suggestion but I'm not sure I could ever face a set of GYs. My brother had to take a set off his new 1970 Pontiac because they kept getting bulges, I had to take a set off my new 1979 Pontiac before 5,000 miles because they couldn't be kept balanced, and I took a set of GY Wranglers off my 2001 Sahara (current Jeep) the first time I took it off road due to something poked a very small hole in the tread and didn't even leave a trace of what did it.

Yours look great on your Jeep and I like the tread pattern but I don't know if I could force me to pay the money for GYs without flenching.

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