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BigHazard 04-13-2011 07:50 AM

jeep clutch master cylinder bleed, slave cylinder bleed,
I hope I save someone else some time here.

I have a 99 wrangler with a 4.0 I was driving down the road and my clutch pedal got rock hard so I forced it down and all of a sudden I had nothing. So I see fluid at the slave cylinder and I bought one.

I bought my stuff from Oreillyís for 100$ thatís a 150$ discount over the dealer and its identical (clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder) but who knows maybe I had aftermarket stuff already. I called my buddy Griff and had him check and he could get the system at 100$ over my local auto parts store and he told me to buy Oreillyís stuff. (Griff is a Jeep Master Tech). If you got the cash not having to do all the bleeding would be great. But well. I donít.

I did my slave cylinder first and this is how. Fill it as full as you can get it remove the straps and pump it by hand 30 times. Reinstall the straps and fill it again and have it waiting. Remove your old one get the pin out and just put the line in and reinstall roll pin. I put a cotter key through my pins just because it made me feel better about it. Take your door off and run your hood back to the windshield. You can pump it by hand and still look at the top of the master cylinder. So I thought it was all good.

Still nothing. I pull the slave cylinder back out and I put a long screw driver into the housing to depress the clutch fork and it seemed like it would move 3 inches. So now I am thinking pressure plate. I bought an entire kit with bearings, clutch and pressure plate and all put it in and I am glad I did. Anyway throw out bearing was bad and so was the bearing in the engine (pilot bearing). This is probably the hang up that caused all of this. Maybe you shouldnít force your clutch pedal down? So I put it back together again and still nothing. This is where I think I screwed up. I didnít disconnect the slave from the lines. I unbolted it from the bell housing. So I shouldnít have had to bleed it again. But I am not positive I had it bled enough the first time. (SIDE NOTE: Jeep engineers your idiots!!! How is it that a transmission has 5 different bell housing bolts in it from 2 different directions? The 2 biggest bolts hold on the dust cover? You also need a special socket for the top 2. Itís a 6 point reverse torx. Thatís what I would call it. I am sure it has a better name.)
I took the slave cylinder back off and checked it and it seemed to be fine. I re bled it again off the jeep by hand refilling it again. Nothing. So I decided its worth 30$ at Oreillyís to know its not my master cylinder. I bought one and put it on. Put the stupid little plastic cap on the end of the rod, if you donít do it now you will get to later.
Bleed it again and a again and then bleed it some more. I seriously had to pump it 100 times before I started counting and I pumped it a 100 more and I was still getting air. I took my door off so I could see in the master cylinder while pumping the clutch and I was still getting air. Oh and take the little cone seal out of the master cylinder. it was hard to see on mine and it doesnít do any good to bleed it with it in there. The only reason I noticed this was because I looked at the cap. I am like where the hell is the seal ( I am thinking it should be like a brake master cylinder seal just up in the cap. Looking all over like and idiot so look at the old one and its missing too. Then I see it. Felt like a moron. But now I am a moron that knows.

I am not sure I needed the master cylinder but oh well itís on there and its fixed. If I was going to do it again it would be a breeze. But the school of hard knocks never is. I hope this helps you. I would do this again because I am going to keep this little Jeep around for a long time and I will go through this again. Next time I will know and it wonít take me so long.

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