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rattlesnake 04-13-2011 09:41 PM

feedback about upgrade
Hope everyone is lovin there jeeps! This is my first,something about movin to utah,gotta have it Always been a truck guy and have maybe put slightly bigger tires on,this jeep thing grabs ahold of you,its great!

Anyway heres the plan ,i have a 2010 sahara unlimited with 4.5" longarm kit with 35" tires. I am having it regeared to 5.13,the gear guy doing it says he will throw on a rear detroit locker for no labor charge since hes doing gears anyway.I think i will have that done.I plan on waiting for the front until i can upgrade axel.(d30) rear is a d44.

Will the d30 hold up to a locker with 35" tires even upgraded how about the 44? Also how will the stock braking system hold up? tires are mickey thompson baja mtz 315/70/17 34.5" to be exact. Any help from you folks that know a hell of alot more then i do would be much appreciated!!:thumb:

Dempsey 04-13-2011 09:48 PM

I'm sure more will post but I say "DO IT"

Sure 35" tires and a locker increases chances of breaking the d30. No one can argue that. Driving style and terrain have a big...wait...huge impact in that. I know that alot of people recommend trussing them to help them out. If you remember you have a d30 up there and be easy on that skinny pedal...not do that whole grab, spin, grab thing a whole lot you should be alright.

Ageless stranger and I wheeled with a guy on 37's that had a d30 up front and it was a seasoned jeep.

rattlesnake 04-14-2011 05:19 PM

feedback on upgrade
Thanks dempsey! I doubt ill b rockcrawlin, its mainly backcountry exploration hunting and such. I just want to be able to tackle deep mud holes,basketball size rocks and lots and lots of sloppy redrock! :dance:

shrubeck 04-18-2011 11:03 AM

I thought the lowest gearing you could put in a D30 was 4.88. Are you planning on just getting the rear regeared until you can swap front axles, or are you asking about wheeling it before getting the gears? If you're swapping front axles anyway, go wheel the crap out of it... unless you only regear the rear first of course.

rattlesnake 04-19-2011 02:53 PM

Well from what ive read and researched, the lowest gears you can go with a high pinion d30 is 5.13. 5.38 wont work! Ive ben talkin about this to a gear guy doin the job and he didnt object. iF ITS A NO GO WELL 4.88 IT IS!
I would love to wheel the hell out of the 3.73,s but ill probably break other stuff! Oh how i would love a pair of d60,s $$$$!:thumb:

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