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MFortie 04-15-2011 08:38 PM

Tricky Tranny Troubles: 32RH
Need some help with a tranny diagnosis...

'98 TJ
80000 miles
4.56 gears

Sat apart for a couple of years while I did some major suspension work, t-case regear and a number of other things.

After I got her back together, within a thousand miles, she started exhibiting some transmission problems.

    • Stumbling and dying at a stop (in gear)
    • Surging and/or 'hunting' for a gear at mid-speed (35-45ish)
    • Poor acceleration
    • Threw a 0743 (TCC) code along with the CEL
Runs fine until she warms up (most of the time); example: I drive across town and after 10-15 miles she starts acting up. I've been driving (once a week or so) the last couple of months downshifting into second and cruising in second 'til about 30-35mph. CEL resets itself occasionally and doesn't always through a code.

Here's what I know:
    • Correct fluid type & level (ATF+4, deep pan)
    • Added a Transgo kit while she was apart (I've rebuilt a Turbo400 before and can follow directions and read the FSM just fine)
    • Old TCC solenoid resistance approx. 30 ohms; new TCC solenoid the same.
    • PCM is putting out 11.4V in gear.
    • I added a trans temp gauge; the sender is in one of the test ports.
    • I rerouted the trans cooling through a new Setrab cooler; no heat issues in fact, it takes awhile to get a reading on the temp gauge...

As I mentioned, I have a new TCC solenoid (not installed yet); I also replaced the TPS just recently for grins.

Typical torque converter disengagement issues is my diagnosis. Just wondering if the TCC solenoid could be acting intermittently or if the TC didn't weather the layoff well (heaven forbid a PCM problem!)

Any thoughts o' wise ones?



Rawkon 04-15-2011 11:11 PM

replace that solenoid. if she threw a code you gotta get that first before diving into anything else.

MFortie 04-17-2011 02:37 PM

Update: It was the TCC solenoid after all; changed it and she runs like a top! :dance:

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