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SUBZEROCOOL 04-16-2011 11:02 PM

Fuse problem tail lights
Rear driving lights and dash lights keep blowing fuses. It started when I was trying to replace a rear light bulb and broke the bulb and burnt a fuse. I replaced the bulb and fuse and all ran well for weeks, now my Jeep is blowing the fuse as soon as I turn on the lights. I'm thinkig short somewhere :confused:

Undead-89 04-17-2011 05:49 AM

Definitely a short (unless you have the wrong size fuse in there). i would check the bulb sockets and make sure nothing is in them like metal pieces, shavings or water. I would also make sure they aren't loose. and make sure whatever insulates the socket from the contacts is intact.

Check the switch for the headlights, make sure it isn't broken, cracked or wet inside.

If it happens when you turn on the marker lights but not the headlights you will reduce the number of wires you need to check. And wires are the next thing you need to check. The main places are anywhere they connect to a fixture or connector body and anywhere they pass through a body panel.

You are looking for loose connections, frayed connections and places where the insulation is worn from rubbing against any metal.

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