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vin211 06-26-2007 01:06 PM

Side Mirrors
Does anyone know the side mirror law in Connecticut? I hope to remove my doors to my Wrangler.

If anyone has any information please let me know.



Jma20a 06-26-2007 04:04 PM

The law is the same in all of the united states. Every car must have at least one outside mirror. i have never been pulled over for it but then again i have only taken the doors of once.

Oliver_Crangle 07-25-2008 08:45 AM

you should just get some relocation brackets for when you take the doors off. when the doors come off you can attach your mirrors right to the windshield brackets and youre ready to roll.

Lost in Space 11-16-2008 09:22 AM

Try for a slick, and inexpensive way to add an outside mirror to the door brackets when you take your doors off, takes all of three or four minutes to put on.

JeepFavreau 05-07-2009 12:12 AM

I used to have the doors on my TJ off all the time in Fairfield; never bothered for it. I got relocation brackets and the passenger side sucked! B/c of the plastic triangle piece on the window I literally had to lean my head into the passenger seat to see anything on that side.

nutmegger1957 09-07-2009 07:40 AM

Actually, when I bought my Jeep, I looked into this. I called various Police Departments; spoke to Motor Vehicles.....etc.. There are only two laws on the books; one of which is mis-applied and is being re-written, and the other one is satisfied by the Rear View mirror on your windshield.

Having said that, I still went out and bought a side mirror that mounts into the top door bracket (since I take my doors off anyway), for about $25.00. It's very stable (doesn't vibrate at high speeds), and has been a god-send when changing lanes on the highway. (Welcome to JeepIt). I bought it because I appreciate the extra "help" when needed.

I found that many of the LEO's out there wouldn't bother to stop most Jeep owners for not having doors or side-mirrors on (I asked em). Generally speaking, they understand that the "Jeep" product is often stripped down. They look for seat belt use, and no "crazy" behavior on the road. Other than that, ........all of the LEO's I talked to, (from various towns in CT), said they would leave most Jeeps alone.


john's ct jeep 09-10-2009 09:56 PM

I bought a cheap side mirror from the local harley davidson dealer. about $25 and it mounts in the top pin hole of the door mount. we have been driving doorless all over the litchfield hills (bristol, harwington, burlington, warren, kent, winsted, new hartford, hartord, newington, berlin, down though the coastof ct) no problems. we also go to mass and ny upstate. have had a few stares from the state troopers but not one pull over.
presently trying to find a bigger mirror that doesn't shake so badly that you can't see. little mirror works but small.

epagan5611 01-18-2010 11:26 AM

I use these mirrors and they are great!

American Outlaw Black Mirrors for 76-06 Jeep® CJ-5, CJ-7, CJ-8 Scrambler, Wrangler YJ, TJ & Unlimited

You need to replace the set screw that come with the mirrors with better ones. One tip..put electrical tape over the spot where the set screw comes in contact with your door hinge to protect the paint. They are easy to put on and take off and look great too. They also mount upside down for trail riding, but I haven't tried it myself.

jeep4me 01-18-2010 11:57 AM

hello folks,
If I may say, I have found the answer to this question of mirrors when the doors are off. I found a dealer ( that sells both rectangle and round, stainless or black mirrors. They mount onto the top door hinge when the doors are off. No vibration
and the work well. you CAN see the passenger side mirror from the drivers side.

I first tried to install mirror relocation brakets to the winshield hinge....not a good thing
the nut on the inside just turns(they must not be welded) what a pain. Thats why I went with the Hinge mirrors. I bought the round black mirrors. Wow looks like the CJ
good luck.

CTJeepTJ 11-15-2010 01:58 PM

Sorry to dig up and old thread but the laws ARE different state by state. Some states require you to have one permanently mounted mirror on the outside of the vehicle. Almost every state requires you to have one mirror attached so that you can see the road directly behind you.

I ran doorless from May to October here in CT and did not have one issue at all.

Here are a list of the mirror laws by state: ====LIST of STATE MIRROR LAWS==== -

Here is Connecticut's:
Originally Posted by
Sec. 14-99. Mirror. Motor vehicles with commercial registration to allow others to pass. Each motor vehicle shall be equipped with a mirror attached to and so located and adjusted on such vehicle as to give the operator thereof a clear reflected view of the highway directly to the rear of or on a line parallel to the left side of the body of such motor vehicle. Any person operating a motor vehicle with a commercial registration so constructed or which may be so loaded that the operator is prevented from having a free and unobstructed view of the highway immediately to the rear and at the left side of the same shall, by means of such mirror, make frequent observations of the approach of vehicles from the rear. When operating at below the posted speed limits and when so approached or overtaken, the operator of such motor vehicle shall drive to the extreme right of the traveled way as promptly as safety will permit, giving the vehicle approaching from the rear opportunity to pass. Violation of any provision of this section shall be an infraction.

(1949 Rev., S. 2446; February, 1965, P.A. 448, S. 11; P.A. 75-577, S. 56, 126; P.A. 90-263, S. 64, 74.)

History: 1965 act added the word "left" in the first and second sentences, changed the duty of constant observation to one of frequent observations, removed the words "in safety" from the end of the last sentence and deleted a penalty provision; P.A. 75-577 provided that violation of section is an infraction; P.A. 90-263 substituted "motor vehicle with a commercial registration" for "commercial motor vehicle".

aelwero 11-15-2010 02:12 PM

LOL, I got that same thread bookmarked, awesome reference :)

I think there's been several posted since this one, and I imagine you probably see people asking about mirrors a LOT more in the spring time.

john's ct jeep 11-17-2010 08:46 AM

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I bought these mirrors at they shake alot but are good sized. about $60 if i remember right. mount screw into bracket no drilling easy on easy off.

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