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Feed_That_Jones 04-24-2011 11:37 AM

Rear lower CA question.
Hey guys and gals! Happy easter.

So ever since ive bout my jeep ive had this clunk in the rear when going over bumps slowly/ entering driveways, etc. Feels like the axle shifts side to side in the rear. My first thought was the trac bar. All bolts tight and it dosent have any play when i grab and wiggle it. Checked everything i could think of and found nothing so i just have kind learned to live with it.

Well the other day i was under the jeep just looking around when i notice that my rear lower control arm bushings dont fit right to the perch on the axle. there is about a .125 gap between the side of the bushing and the side of the perch. On each control arm. I can grab the control arm and move it all around, bushings are cracked and dry rotted. Could this be where my clunk has been coming from all along?

I'll get some pictures while im changing my front brakes to better show what im talking about. BTW 2006 wrangler 4.0 6spd

SilverTJMike 04-24-2011 01:01 PM

I would suspect it, you don't want any movement in those arms. You could replace them with some rokmen or currie arms.

Feed_That_Jones 04-24-2011 10:28 PM

Hey guys, well i wasnt able to get a picture of the control arms. My simple brake job turned into a couple hour ordeal. One of the caliper bolts brought the threads out with it when i took it out. So i didnt have a chance to get pics. But i will try tommorow when i get off work. Did get the stripped hole repaired and everything back together. The hawk pads are excellent so far. No more brake squeal(Dealer i bought jeep from had some cheap, bottom shelf pad on there that was really noisy), and much smoother.

TJMike- I would like to upgrade the arms but thats mostly out of the question, Tight budget and the jeep is mainly my dd and sees pavement duty. aside from the occasional light wheeling on my uncles property or trail riding, it wont see any hardcore wheeling. I was thinking of boxing in some of the stock arm to beef it up some. Any thoughts on that?

SilverTJMike 04-24-2011 10:33 PM

You can probably get some used stock arms from craigslist or a 4x4 shop but chances are the bushing might be worn out but hey they are dirt cheap and you can always press in some new bushings, I know there are some how to's out there on that somewhere. Takes some time and a press, the bushing are like 12 bucks I think. I am guesing you could reinforce the the u channel somewhat.

I got tired of bending my stock arms on rocks and the bushing were causing some wobbling so I replaced them with Rokmen, what a difference.

Feed_That_Jones 04-25-2011 03:47 PM

Do they have a poly bushing? Seems i remember reading that poly bushings gave a real rough ride in a jeep, and wore out faster because of the strain put on them off-road. I changed out all the rubber bushings on my fox body to poly and loved the difference, maybe its just personal preference.

Feed_That_Jones 05-01-2011 10:14 PM

heres a couple pictures of what i was talking about. The metal shaft that goes through the bushing is contacting the mount, but the bushing isnt. This isnt right is it?

this one best shows what im talking about. Give or take some its got about the amount of space on both sides. On both control arms.

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