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rambo3489 04-24-2011 01:46 PM

YJ leaking oil, not burning????
I have a 89 YJ with the 4.2L. Its using oil, around a quart every 300 Miles. Its not burning it, its not leaking. Theses no puddle on the driveway, the pressure sending unit seems to be holding oil. The only thing I can think of is the round vent like thing on the top of the valve cover behind the fill cap puffs out a little smoke. Almost like a little train engine. Is that supposed to happen? That's the only possible cause of it using oil that I can see. Any ideas on why its using the oil? I read that a lot of times it is the pressure sending unit leaking, or a blocked breather tube. Is there a breather tube on the 4.2L? I looked real quick on the engine but didn't see anything. But if that is clogged that would maybe cause the oil to vaporize out of the vent on top, maybe? Ideas would be helpful.


kik 04-24-2011 04:42 PM

That is alot of oil to be going through. On my stock 89 4.2 there is a breather at the rear of the valve cover that vents into the air cleaner through the "breather element". There is also the PCV at the front of the valve cover. Check both and replace the PCV, assuming you have a stock set up. I've only heard of using that much oil if you have bad rings, which you would be burning it. I really don't see that much oil pushing out of the "vents". Behind the oil filler cap you should have a PCV in place and no smoke should be coming out of it. I think you have a few problems contibuting to this condition. I do think that you're burning oil also.

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