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truckbed 04-26-2011 07:09 AM

Light on/ticking will not stop ...overnight! battery dead
I leave my jeep in the parking deck at work and when i got to work in my truck i parked right next to it and noticed a light on under the steering wheel. its a little bulb with an orange plastic globe around it and it was not blinking, just on. first off, i dont know what the light is for. headlights were off, ingintion was definitely off and engine had not been on since lunchtime yesterday. I tried to start it and of course battery is dead, but light still on. When i got down to pull the bulb out i heard a ticking noise, almost like the turn signal tick, i checked them both ways and nothing changed. the emergency brake is not engaged. i raised the hood to see if i could hear the ticking from under there and couldnt, i listended again under the steering wheel and the ticking had stopped during the time i had my hood up. i went to stick the bulb back in and the ticking immediately started up again when the light came on...

its still ticking as we speak and the bulb is out... anyone familiar with an issue like this?

i appreciate the help guys!

POS YJ 04-26-2011 11:35 AM

That bulb is just your interior light. There is a rotary style "switch" next to where you turn your headlights on. Roll this switch down to turn it off, it is also the dimmer for the dash gauges. If your doors are off, then you need to bypass the door switch by the bottom door hinge. I think you can just unplug it to shut the light off. Do it on the passenger and drivers side. Then you should be able to charge your battery and go. In short, you left your lights on.:banghead:

sevenservices 04-26-2011 03:09 PM

yeah, I ran into that the first time I took my doors off. We weren't at work though so we were able to pull the plug off by each door.

If you had your doors on, you have to check the little plunger that pushes in when the door closes. If that thing moved or popped out of place, the light would stay on even with the door shut.

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