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Pano 04-29-2011 07:38 PM

New 2.8 CRD March 2011
Hi my first message.

This is a great site.

I have a new 2.8 CRD diesel wrangler.

After approx 700kms the MIL light came on. The dealer says continue to drive after I took it in for the 1000kms shop visit.

The reset the MIL light and as soon as I went on the freeway it came back on.

A few days later I started having loss of power issues and on a longer trip ie after the car had been driven for a while the problem became more obvious ie put your foot down more revs but no power.

The dealer is working through the problem but they cant replicate the issue.

Has this happened to anyone else andif so does anyone know what the issue is.

The have I think ruled out the DPF and they think now it is heading towards a computer problem. This is after they first told me it was water in the fuel which I said nonsense to.

Any comments would vbe appreciated.

ngine had n

chrisojk 05-13-2011 01:34 AM


Might be a good idea putting this in the JK forum - there's probably more non-americans active on there that might be able to help.

Check to see if that engine is used in any other Jeeps, then try similar forums maybe, or the ausjeepoffroad forum if you haven't already. You might have noticed this forum isn't all that busy.

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