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TheDirtyGeneral 05-06-2011 08:36 PM

Jeep beach
Whos going and wants to meet up!?

Rooster Offroad 05-08-2011 09:39 PM

We leave for Daytona tomorrow morning!

Come see us at our booth and say hello!


Meat.Jeep 05-09-2011 07:15 PM

I live near Orlando and I will be heading to Daytona on Saturday, I've never been to the event. Are you setting up at the speedway? Is that where most of the vendors are?

Nick JK 05-10-2011 08:23 AM


Originally Posted by TheDirtyGeneral
Whos going and wants to meet up!?

I'm heading up Friday afternoon from Broward.

crafty 05-10-2011 02:14 PM

Over 1,000 Jeeps are signed up for this and many more will sign up after they get there.

Rolling over Thurs night after work and staying at the host hotel :wavey:

Jeepoffroad04 05-12-2011 11:47 PM

Im leaving friday see yall there.

KDirty87 05-13-2011 12:08 AM

Take pics for those of us that can't make it! I tried last year when I lived in GA and there was no hope this year now that I live in Cali.

Meat.Jeep 05-13-2011 07:54 PM

Anyone know if you have to pay to get into the speedway? Just to walk in for spectators and how much?

Jeepoffroad04 05-13-2011 08:08 PM

Check out I dont see anything about spectators.

Meat.Jeep 05-14-2011 04:51 PM

Probably a little late but it's $10 per person or $30 per vehicle for spectators.

Meat.Jeep 05-14-2011 04:55 PM


Originally Posted by Rooster Offroad
We leave for Daytona tomorrow morning!

Come see us at our booth and say hello!


Griffy gave me a sticker, thanks. Good stuff.

Jeepoffroad04 05-15-2011 08:21 PM

Alright who went please post pics. Thanks ill upload videos later on youtube.

Jeepoffroad04 09-26-2011 04:35 PM me and my dad at jeep beach last year:) (click to play video)

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