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Rooster Offroad 05-07-2011 11:11 AM

Buy 3 get 1 free raceline wheels ~ limited time offer
Thats right call or PM us for great deals on Raceline Wheels!! We have what you need and will beat any price!


Rooster Offroad 05-08-2011 09:36 PM

Sold a set of 15's and 17's!

Thanks guys!!


Rooster Offroad 05-12-2011 07:59 AM

Sold two more sets! Thanks guys

OregonTJ 05-12-2011 08:25 AM


Rooster Offroad 05-17-2011 09:13 AM

We are back from Jeep Beach and the sale is still on!!


We wont be undersold! Get your price elsewhere and then PM us for price, we will beat anyones price!

Rooster Offroad 05-18-2011 07:54 AM

3 sets gone! Thanks for the orders yesterday

Rooster Offroad 05-19-2011 04:42 PM

The choice is simple...GO WITH A PROVEN WINNER!!

Andrea Tomba
I have been racing on Raceline wheels for almost a decade. We have NEVER been able to break a RockCrusher wheel… And we have tried!!! Not deliberately, but a 300 yard roll down a ravine, a couple of spectacular crashes, and the wheels always come out victorious. However, even more important than that, is the way the company always treat us like kings. Greg and Valery are always available to help us out, no matter how busy they are, and it is so nice to have the same people to deal with for almost ten years!

Ben Napier

BNMotorsports 'converted' to Raceline' wheels in August 2009 prior to the epic Vegas to Reno. Since then the team has logged countless brutal miles without a single wheel issue, let alone a failure. Our Raceline Wheels continue to run true and a huge part of the reliability of our car. Our pit guys love it as they just get to sit in the truck and wave it through.

Chris Ridgway/Derek Trent
We like Raceline Wheels because of the support and durability of the wheel. We have seen these wheels stand up to some real abuse. One race, Chris Ridgway went 20 miles on a RIM ONLY, when getting back to the shop we just had to replace the ring and tire….The wheel was fine. A true testament to the quality of Raceline Wheels.

Derek West

Raceline has been a large part of our teams success in 2010 as making it to the finish line in endurance racing is a huge accomplishment. Knowing that I have wheels that will hold up to the abuse of countless hours of racing is such a relief, and they look great!

Doug Bigelow
Raceline Wheels builds the absolute most indestructible wheel on the market. We run the 17x9 Monster Double Beadlock wheels with Aluminum Rings for strength. My race vehicle is also a single seat chassis. Needless to say there is very little space to be able to put a spare tire and wheel on our race vehicle and Raceline Wheels gives me the confidence to do so. I have run the Raceline Brand for 8 years in competition and there is no other wheel that I would ever consider runnin. I have had absolutely no failures to date and I have run the most King of the Hammers races out of any competitor.

Eric Anderson
The incredible strength and durability of the Raceline Monster makes for a very reliable wheel for our race program.

Jesse Haines
Raceline Wheels have always been so solid for me that it's a part of the car I never have to worry about. There are tons of things that can take you out of a race, but I'm confident that my Raceline Wheels aren't one of them.

JT Taylor
I think they are one of the best looking wheels out there. They are obviously strong. I am hard on equipment and I haven't been able to break one yet. The customer services from the race representative Greg Mulkey is second to none.

Justin Hall
When I first started competing Raceline was the company I called and Greg worked with me and got me a set of wheels. Every rig we have besides the single seat buggy has Raceline wheels. (Working on that one).

Kenny Blume
These Forged Monsters are just plain stout. Before Switching to Raceline wheels I was fighting wheel issues, now I don’t even think about it. The Polished finish keeps the car looking good for the cameras and the fans.

Kevin Sacalas
Raceline wheels are a key part of our success. When we needed 20” wheels for our 42” tires, Greg Mulkey was there to assist. We were the only team to compete at King of the Hammers on these new, larger wheels. The wheels have been consistent and reliable for us. They take a beating and keep on going, we’ve hit speeds of over 120 mph, and we would only do that on Raceline wheels as we’re confident in how they are made and trust them to stay together under the most intense of conditions.

Kevin Yoder
My Raceline wheels performed flawlessly all year. Yoder Racing competed in Rock Crawling, Desert Racing , King of the Hammers, Rock Racing, Lands End hillclimb and also did many trail runs all on the same set of Raceline Monster beadlock wheels.

Lucas Murphy
We made the switch to Raceline wheels after winning SMORR. In the past we ran a modified factory wheel. I would have to spend hours after each straightening bent wheels. That all changed after going to Raceline Monsters. I did bend one wheel, but it was justified. I raced almost one mile on a flat tire with The IEC champion Eric Miller chasing me down to the finish line. I never thought twice about letting up and ran that flat tire into trees and over tons of rocks. I was amazed that the wheel held up as well as it did. It had a slight bend that I straightened out with a bottle jack.

Matt Lovell
Raceline wheels are just plain tough. We have had many wheels failures on ‘other’ brands where we have had flats and the tires were unharmed and the wheels were cracked down the middle. Not a single wheel failure on Raceline wheels.

Mike Thompson
Reliability is Racline's number one trait as far as winning is concerned, what makes them even better is that they have packaged that reliability with head turning looks.

Rick Mooneyham
Near race mile 17 in the 2010 Silver State 300 race, we lost all visibility due to dust from other racers. After seeing an upcoming turn too late the 554 car plunged into a boulder field where the sidewall of the front driver tire was punctured as well as bent the outer bead lock ring and broke the tie rod. After patching the tie rod back together, the car limped almost 30 miles on a flat tire to the first checkpoint. Even though the tire was disintegrated, the Raceline Wheel held up—a new tire was mounted, the bead lock hammered out, and it works great to this day.

Scott & Tandi Hartman
Raceline wheels are just plain tough. We have had many wheels failures on ‘other’ brands where we have had flats and the tires were unharmed and the wheels were cracked down the middle. Not a single wheel failure on Raceline wheels.

Team Petty Cash Class Winner in the 24 Hours of LeMons
Team Petty Cash Racing took their Raceline Wheel sponsored Jeep Cherokee to a class win in the 24 Hours of LeMons national endurance race series.

Thomas Grady
The sport of off-road racing is tough but not as tough as Raceline Wheels. Knowing that my Raceline Wheels can take all the abuse I throw at them allows me to push my racecar as fast and as hard I can to get me to the podium.

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