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Techguy94 05-07-2011 01:34 PM

JK Fog Light Wire Extension... NEED HELP!
Ok so I'm a novice when it comes to wiring and fog lamps. I've recently installed a Shrockworks mid-width bumper (which, I must say, looks great :D) on my 2010 JK. Part of the reason I purchased this bumper in particular is because it gives you the option of keeping your factory fog lamps, which work well enough for me. However, when I was observing the new bumper, I couldn't help but notice the fog lamp placement had drastically changed compared to the stock bumper. Instead of being integrated in the center, the fog lap mounts are on the outside edges of the bumper, one on each side.

So I have the stock fog lamps set in place on the new bumper, and when I go to plug them in, the wiring is too short to reach! :doh: So... I was wondering if anyone knew if there was some sort of extension cable with simple male/female ends I could just plug in between the stock wiring and the stock fog lamps, using the same harnesses? I've been looking around myself, and haven't found much... I'm probably overlooking something though! Any help would be appreciated :surrender:

swingtail82 05-07-2011 01:57 PM

easy fix....go to the hardware store or parts store and get some new wire(same size as factory....probably 16 or 18), butt splices(probably red), crimper(for splices), and some heat shrink or raychem(this is best if you can find it).
1- remove negative battery cable for safe measure
2- cut said wires
3- slide 2 pieces(one for each connection) of heat shrink over each of said factory wires
4- strip factory wires
5- cut and strip new wire(however much you need on length)
6- crimp butt splices on factory wire, then new wire
7- slide heat shrink over new splices
8- heat said heat shrink tubing with heat gun or lighter being careful not to overheat

it's pretty simple just take your time and if you have any questions other peeps on the forum should be able to help. I'll be off for a while cause I'm working on my own jeep today so I'll check back tonight

swingtail82 05-07-2011 01:59 PM

you can find the male/female type connectors, but you'll have to crimp them on the new and old wire also and it won't be as good of a connection as a butt splice or solder joint. soldering is best connection, but much more difficult than a butt splice.

RB-10rubicon 05-07-2011 04:36 PM

Radio shack has some premade harnesess that are made for RC car batteries the have crimp end on one end and the other is a easy dissconect plug and the wire is about a 16 gage .there red and black and if i remember they were about 4-5bucks

Techguy94 05-07-2011 11:10 PM

thanks guys, help is greatly appreciated. Looks like soldering is the way to go, thanks for the advice!

Hilldweller 05-08-2011 05:45 AM

If you want proper pigtails, just call and they'll build you a set.
Their quality is top notch and prices are fair.

The nice thing about a real harness is that you can revert to stock if you want ---- like if you trade the Jeep and put the stock bumper back on or something.

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