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Wrangler06 05-07-2011 05:41 PM

need help now! seatbelts
i just finished bed lining my tub, in the process of putting everying inside back together and to do the lining i unbolted the rear seat belts, there is a bolt that is near the bottom of the tub and also the big plastic piece around the roll bar that is actually where the belt rolls up..well i had them suspended during the lining and now i cant get them to go back down their stuck! is there a trick to un rolling it? its just like when your seat belt gets stuck and you have to pull it back all the way to get it unstuck but its the opposite, its stuck back and wont come out....any quick responses?????? 2006 TJ

Jerry Bransford 05-07-2011 05:44 PM

It won't pull out? Hold the seat belt mechanism perfectly vertical, in the position it'd be in when installed. The mechanism locks up when tilted any at all.

Wrangler06 05-07-2011 05:46 PM

I knew i could count on you Jerry! ill go out and try that..makes sense to hold it the way its supposed to go...:banghead:

Wrangler06 05-07-2011 05:58 PM

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didnt work, heres a pic to show what im talkin bout if it help.. the part im holdin bolts to the roll bar at the bottom but its locked so i cant pull it down..and the loose part bolts to the side of the bottom of the tub and i cant pull it down either

Jerry Bransford 05-07-2011 06:11 PM

Make sure of its position and it could simply have a jam if it's been tossed around since it was removed. Of all the seat belts I've removed/reinstalled on several Jeeps, they always worked once I got them positioned properly.

Wrangler06 05-07-2011 06:35 PM

nope both of them are jammed, they have just been suspended there today and yesterday while ive been prepping and lining the tub..they dont even have enough play in them to align them properly..guess ill keep tryin lol or ditch so people wont ask for rides ;]

Jerry Bransford 05-07-2011 06:39 PM

You SURE you're holding them properly? I mean, two jammed mechanisms? :)

dfry 05-07-2011 06:46 PM

I had to unbolt the seat belt mechanism itself while installing my tire carrier. To get it out of the way, I let it spool up to the top of the roll cage. I too couldn't get it to release. Ended up unbolting all three bolts for the seat belt. Once out of the Jeep I was able to get it working pretty quick.

Kate 05-07-2011 06:49 PM

I had the exact same thing happen to me. Makes ya crazy doesn't it!

You have to VERY GENTLY pull it down while holding it level. Just little tugs at a time. It will continue to lock up but eventually with patience and perseverance you'll get it.

Don't forget to hold your mouth right, very important!

jeeperman 05-07-2011 06:52 PM

Try unbolting from the top, then installing the retractor part, they pull the belt out once the latching mechanism is positioned properly.

I had to be parked on a perfectly level surface to get mine to release once I installed a new cage. The angle must have been off a bit... Seems like a pretty tight tolerance.

Wrangler06 05-08-2011 01:00 AM

thanks for the help guys! I ended up getting if after jerrys last comment but didnt get back on here. been workin on the jeep the past 2 whole days literally all day but the whole tub i lined now :D but i finally got the belts fixed..I just pulled off the little pieces of plastic that are on the belts that hold the handle half way up if that makes any sense. without that the handle of the belt goes to the bottom buts its all good..once those were off i was able to stretch it out straight and it worked fine :D people in the back will just have to reach down to get the seat belt now :D

Jsmartt1 03-24-2012 03:07 PM

I thought I was retarded there for a minute but finally got mine to release as well. I tried everything and was ready to bang my head on the roll bar. I think Kate's advice about holding my mouth right did it, thanks to all for the posts.

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