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STJMB 05-08-2011 12:59 AM

Virgin Jeep owner, first post "Water Leak"
First Post, First Jeep, I found your website after looking for some info on a "water Leaks". I bought a 2010 wrangler sport unlimited (originally a hard top dealer switched it to a soft) for my wife back in late September. In March my wife took it in to the (1st) dealership, the leak was coming in on the front passenger door in a couple of spots; the lower front near the speaker, and the top outer cornner by the center bar carpet was soaked & when my wife picked it up she had to turn right bck in to the shop to give it back to them for a 2nd time; they replaced the seals around the door, that didn't fix it she was so fed up with thier service we ended up taking it back to the dealer we purchaced it from over an hour away. the 2nd dealership adjusted the door & replaced all the seals again. here it is almost 3 weeks later and I have to take it back again because they Didn't fix it!!! the carpet is still soaked and have had a mildew smell since we took it in the first time. I have glanced at a few other posts about the Lemon Law anybody out there have some advice on what I can do?

Bladerunner32262 05-08-2011 01:24 AM

I'd raise a stink and talk to a lawyer. Water leaks are unfortunately common with jeeps because of those "brilliant" engineers. From what I read, you're riding with a soft top? Have they checked for a rip in the cover? Be nice if they ran it through the carwash and did an immediate inspection after.

jk'n 05-08-2011 03:24 AM

A soft top is a lot harder to keep water out of than a hard top. I can speak from experience. My hard top leaked on the day of delivery and the dealer couldn't solve the problem after 50 pages of modifications. Then the Chrysler rep looked at it and put me into the vehicle buy back program. My new jeep leaked in the exact same spot. They adjusted it twice and it hasn't leaked since then and it has been almost three years. They made me a satisfied customer. I can't talk about the details of the buyback as I signed a gag agreement that I wouldn't. All I will say about my situation that led up to the buyback is that I felt that the dealer listened to my issue, tried really had to find the problem and repair it, and when they couldn't, didn't need to be threatened. As a customer, I gave them many more opportunities to fix it than the lemon law required in Massachusetts. Maybe that is why I didn't have to threaten them with a lawyer. I really just wanted it fixed.

All that having been said, I will add that I have both tops. When the soft top has been on my jeep, I have had leaking problems. They have always been solved by me by just adjusting it until it sealed. In your situation, there may be more than just an adjustment issue such as a leak in the top itself. I hope they find it for you and make you a satisfied customer.

Now that my jeep is no longer under warranty, I have different expectations about leaks. You haven't reached this point yet (I don't know how long you have owned it) but, it is after all a jeep. There are a lot of seal surfaces on any jeep, all of which have to work, to be able to keep water out and prevent the rug from getting wet. As a maintenance item, to keep your jeep from leaking, try using a product like Turtle Wax Ice interior cleaner to keep the seals clean and lubricated. When you do this, the seals slide easily against each other and the lube (typically silicon) will help to keep water out. I do not recommend any oil based products like Vaseline as that may eventually deteriorate the seal. The Turtle Wax Ice interior cleaner has kept my seals looking new and sealing well. The idea of using a lube on my seals was suggested to me by another jeeper with a JK who I bumped into while camping in Maine. I told him that after the dealer solved my leak problem I would try this. It has worked for me so I'm passing it along. Best of luck to those who are having problems with leaks. If this solution helps be sure to post back about how you solved your leak.

homebrwd 05-09-2011 06:40 AM

Depending on what state you live in the value of the fix to the problem and the amount of time it has been at the dealer will be what makes it meet lemon law requirements. I doubt at this point it is anywhere near that. That being said it is a Jeep it has tops that put on and off by humans which leaves a lot of room for error and it doesn't take much for water to get in. Is there any reason you don't just take the carpet out like a lot of wrangler owners, such as myself, do? Mine leaks when I don't seat the freedom tops just right, its almost always on the passenger side. It happened twice in the fall after picking it up so I just pulled the carpets, soon I'll have it bedlined.

Muxi 05-09-2011 08:28 AM

Mine just leaked a lil after the typhoon and just right after. Only a few drops then everything was okay. Probably also need to treat the rubber in the freedom top

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