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JohnnyQuik 05-09-2011 08:56 PM

Gulches ORV Park 5-07-2011 (Lots of Pics)
I rode Gulches in Laurens County, SC for the first time yesterday. I met TJWrangler99 from the forum in Columbia and headed the rest of the way to Laurens County. We met some guys from NC and VA there and hung out with them most of the day. Since one of them had a JK set up similar to mine, we did a lot of the same trails.

Gulches is a privately owned park of only about 80 acres set in the upstate of South Carolina. The trails vary from fairly easy rutted dirt roads to pretty insane near vertical climbs with plenty of rocks and a little mud and water thrown in for good measure. They do use a trail rating system similar to a ski resort with decent trail markings at the beginning an end of each trail and at most trail intersections. Since the park is only 80 acres, none of the tails are very long and the longest ones are also the easiest and are used to access the tougher ones. I got the sense of theme park with the short, tougher trails being almost like rides at the fair. We all noticed that after 5 hours or so of riding we felt like we had "done" the park. Of course, there were some very hard trails that we weren't set up for and saw a buggy bust his hydraulic steering on one and get winched out and a well set up XJ (with 2 kids in the back) close to rolling on another (see pics).

The owner, Skip, and his family/ staff were all very friendly and even offered an orientation ride. When we first got there, we followed a mildly modded Grand Cherokee around the easy and a few intermediate trails. We must have done ok, because they then got the YJ with the spring-over out. This is when we started having fun. We did a ride with several staff member and regulars over some tougher runs.TJWrangler99 and I both did some of the black rated "more" and "most" difficult trails. During this ride, we had a lot of help finding lines and spotting from the staff and locals. After a hot dog lunch provided by Gulches, we went out as a group with two JK's and two TJ's and did the rest of the trails and repeated a few others.

WallsofCrete on one of the more difficult trails:

The end of "Heartbreaker" after I just did it:


The owner Skip out checking on us:

A buggy right after he busted his steering on Shipwreck:

The XJ that almost rolled (note the human ballast). This is after they roped him down on four wheels:

TJ on Shipwreck:

Nick's close to stock TJ got up one of the more difficult trails with some good spotting and a lot of skinny pedal:

Here's some pics of mine doing the trails:

Wrangler06 05-09-2011 09:04 PM

this looks awesome!! nice pictures man thanks for sharin! not too aweful far from me in VA

billytheyj 05-09-2011 09:48 PM


Mortalis5509 05-09-2011 10:07 PM

Looks sweet

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