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YJman 05-10-2011 08:29 PM

will 33x12.5 tires fit on my rims?
Need some help with this. I think I might need new rims :(

Back of the wheel:

Measure 3.75 inches from where the wheel bolts to the hub to the edge of the rim (backspacing?):

8 inches wide:

There's 9 inch wide tires on here right now. The rear wheel has my stock spare tire. It's a stock wheel as well in back (you can see it doesn't stick out past the flare):

Tire will probably stick out another 1.75 inches on each side. Looks like it will rub my brake lines when I get extended brake lines. Is there a way i can relocate these?

Thanks for the help! It's much appreciated. I just though I should try to keep the same rims so I don't spend more money and I like my rims.

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