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old_blue 05-14-2011 11:31 AM

color match half doors?
does any company sell color matching half doors? Cant find anything when i search

InfernoGirl 05-14-2011 01:15 PM

Check with Rugged Ridge. I think they offer color matched JK half doors, not sure what you're driving... (update your profile please)

old_blue 05-14-2011 01:21 PM

my bad, im driving an 02 tj

CMA_Rider 05-14-2011 01:30 PM

Have you looked at Bestop Element doors, for an 02 $286.99 for the tube doors plus $89.99 for mirriors plus $119.99 for the enclosures you paint your self or $344.99 for the factory matched plus $324.99 for uppers.

Or you could try ebay for a set of used factory doors

SkyTurtle 05-23-2011 07:49 PM

X2 @ CMA_Rider
The Bestop Element doors are about the best thing you'll find IMO. $630 for the 02 TJ doors and another $350 for the uppers at Quadratec.

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