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97flexy 05-16-2011 01:47 AM

Starting my TT
OKay so I'm drawing up plans for my custom TT and I have a few question that haven't been answered from all the searching forums on this topic.
First I drive a 97 TJ, Flat fender, cut rear fenders, 1.25" of body lift and it sits on 33's I don't have nor want a suspension lift. so what I'd like to know is when building my TT can I go flush to the bottom of the frame with my new skid? I will be putting on a 1" MML. If I can't go flush how much can I pull the new t-case skid up. I will be use'n the factory tranny mount & I do not want to buy new upper control arms or an sye kit. (lack of funds) now I know you can run a 2.5" lift with out an SYE or t-case drop so I know I can cut off 2-2.5" bringing me to 1.5-2" below my frame rails I just wonder move the t-case up another 1.5-2". I have read of people raise'n t-case up to gain 2" without a SYE, upper control arms, or a MML, Can I go higher since I'l be running a MML? Maybe 3"?? Any help would be nice. two inches would cut it on most trails I run the four foot drop I went down at the park I got hung up on with maybe an inch until my front tires hit the ground. :nonono: I gotta fix that!! buy'n a lopro skid costs too much + I like to make my own parts:D

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