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Maina21 05-16-2011 05:39 PM

fuel problem?
my 95 YJ has been acting up lately... the speedo and tach would die out, and then a few minutes later it would start sputtering as if it would stall out... and then eventually i drove it to the point where it would even start. I thought it was a computer problem so i took it off and cleaned it all up; unplugged everything and cleaned it all. once hooked back up it started and idled fine. when i took it out today however it almost felt like there was a resistance... like the E brake was on. going up any incline it would lose speed, but then pull out of it and it would go back to it's zippy self.... i also just replaced a brake line while i was at the computer... so if the tach and speedo were in fact a computer problem and i fixed that what could it be now? maybe a fuel problem... or somehow have something to do with the brakes being stuck somehow? help would be nice. any ideas at all are welcome!

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