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rlast 05-17-2011 02:33 PM

Tire tread wear front-to-back
I hope I'm not re-creating the wheel with this thread (if so, sorry). I have a question about Jeep tolerance to differences in tread wear. My 2005 TJ has BFG 31 x 10.5 All Terrain TA's. The front tires are due for replacement, but the back tires still have about 40%-50% tread on them (that's the way I bought it). I'm really not liking the idea of buying 4 new ones. As long as the tread is the same on the left / right front tires, can I put new BFG 31 x 10.5 All Terrain TA's on the front and keep the two still reasonable tires on the left/right rear axle? I've heard about viscous damper issues when the there are differences in tread wear - but most of those posts are from pre-TJ genre Jeeps.

Any tire guys or technicians out there that can set me on the right path? Thanks a bunch, Gents.

GoldenSahara00 05-17-2011 02:43 PM

yes. obviously if you can run uneven tread front verses back, you can run is back verses front. it owuld have been better if they guy had rotated the tires before hand so as not to end up with so much of a difference. better yet. if the fronts are just ok, and since its summer, if you dont wheel much you can just stick with them because the back will wear down faster. squeeze a little more life out of them while you save for 4 or 5 new.

rlast 05-17-2011 02:55 PM

Thanks GoldenSahara00. I should have provided more info. I've got some developing DW at 40-50 mph. So I need to start with a re-balance and then start looking at the track bar bushings and steering stabilizer. With tires that long in the tooth (the guy ran them way over-inflated so they're balding in the middle with tread left on the outside edges), I'm thinking about just buying two new meats and doing the re-balance at the same time. At least then, I know the DW is not related to tires/balance. What's your thought on that?

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