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Anchor 05-18-2011 10:02 PM

TJ Suspension Sag
3 months ago I had a Rough Country 3-1/4” Lift kit installed (basically a 2-1/2” with 3/4” Coil Spacers with new shocks) on my 99 TJ. Then about three weeks ago, while we were doing some trail climbing up a forest hill, I hit a large tree root a little harder and faster than I prefer. Afterwards, while I was washing the rig, I noticed the right side of the vehicle seemed to sag and after looking closer, there was a about a 3/4” sag on the right front and 1/2" on the right rear. I’m not sure when the sag occurred or what may have caused it either.
I took it to the Rough Country vendor who installed it and he said it looked like the front coil spring had collapsed some. He called Rough Country and they sent a new coil which he installed (installation not warranted, so more $$). After he was finished, he brought it outside during a heavy rainfall and after a quick look at it, we both thought it was OK. When I got home and put it in the garage, I noticed the new coil didn’t work.
So I took a lot of pictures and sent them to Rough Country and they sent me one new front coil (again) and one new rear coil. I installed them myself this time (saved $$$), even rotated the coils that were not being replaced to the right side and put the new coils on the left side. AFTER 6 HRS, IT STILL DIDN’T FIX THE SAG.
Has anyone got any ideas?

GoldenSahara00 05-18-2011 10:08 PM

youd have better luck with this in another section than just the washington jeep area for ideas, but hopefully some people notice it on the new post sections. heres what I have to offer:

sounds like you bent something that is keeping your axle and everything in line. I know this sounds like it has nothing to do with suspension but bear with me. this could cause more weight to be placed on the one side of the jeep, therefore pushing down on one side more. Other options include damage to your shock from the sudden hit. I would look at each part of your jeep and measure height and compare. I know my jeep always looks like different parts are different heights but its close enough to equal just depends what its sittin on. So measure to your break rotars/housing, to the tops of each tire. to the bottoma nd top of each spring and shock, to the fenders, and compare. whenever you find your differences, you will find the area of your issue, then you can look more into detail.

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