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wakeboard223 05-18-2011 11:22 PM

A few questions
So I'm not that mechanically inclined,so bear with me if the questions seem rather dumb, I've just been wondering about siome things and how to do a few little fixes for my jeep.

1. How easy it to remove the track/sway bars? and will doing so cause any damage or a high amount of stress on anything? I dont want to remove them if its going to cause something to fail down the road. also where are they located exactly, im having trouble understanding exactly where they are, pictures would be very much appreciated.

2.How will removing them change the drive feeling of my jeep? will I need to change how i drive at all or just be alil more careful on turns?

3.Does anyone know of a way to dye/paint the rollbar cushions to a different color? i saw a few posts saying people have painted them, does anyone know if this would work and if so what kind of paint?

4. How can i get my after market air conditioner to actually blow cold air? it mostly just moves the air and its the same temperature as the outside air, I saw a thread awhile back of a guy just adding more coolant? and it made it blow 40 degrees from then on, would that work?

5.Has anyone raised the backseat in their yj so that its level on the bottom instead of me being slanted?if not anyone got any ideas on a good way? im trying to come up with a mounting system that won't require a ton of work on the seat itself.

6.Are there any chain hardware/auto stores(lowes,home depot, auto zone, etc) that sell something that I can use to remove the torque bolts that came on the jeep and replace them with anything else? or atleast what size bit/socket I need? I just want to get them changed out and all of the things that were the right kind weren't the right size, so im getting desperate on this issue.

Thanks for all your help in advance, sry to unload so much at once, these have just been little things bugging me for awhile now that i want to get resolved.

95YamJam 05-19-2011 06:33 AM

Hello! Well not to be mean but "not mechanically inclined" and "older Jeep" don't really go together but if your willing to try then thats great!

1. In theroy the sway bars and trac bars should unbolt. Now, since it's an older jeep the bolts will probably be rusted sold. In this case most stuff may need to be cut off.

The rear track bar bolts on top of the rear axel on the driver side right next to the leaf spring bolts. The other end is on the passenger side right above the axel on the frame. My jeep has no rear swaybar and I'm not sure any of them had any.

Basically the front trac bar does the same thing only the bolt points are opposite. Driver side frame just behind the steering box. Axle top on passenger side. The Front sway bar had two links on either side that drop verically from the swaybar mounted on the frame. The links should be in front of the axel on either side.

2. Not sure really. I have no rear trac bar. I still have the front and the FSB. I am gonna remove them too someday. My jeep came with no rear trac bar and it rides and drives fine as far as I can tell. LOL

3. Most box type (lowes etc...) have paint for vinal(sp?) cloth, Also auto parts stores. You need to determine what the material is. Clean it very, very well and then try it. I would suggest doing 1 piece and see how it holds up. Or look for used padding in a color you like.

4. This is a big one. Ac systems rely on 3 things. No moisture in the system, adequate refridgerant and proper pressure. The componats of an ac system are the compressor, the condersor, the dryer, and evaporator. The key is to make sure there are no leaks in the system. This can be checked with dye. Then the system needs sealed up(most likley leaking o rings) a vacum needs pulled on the system and it needs recharged with the proper amount of refridgerant. Now all of this is dependant on the fact that the system was installed correctly and ever worked in the first place. Honestly unlesss you experienced a quality auto shop MAY be able to fix it but it will get expensive and honestly if any of the parts need replaced there may be a hard time getting the correct new parts due to the fact that its an after market system.

5. Not sure, I like mine angled for my baby seat. ;)

6. I am assuming your refering to the TORX bolts that jeeps have. Yeah they can suck. If you want to replace them you need to get a thread checker and fine out size and thread pitch. Then just buy new bolts of your choice. Fastenall, mcmaster/carr, bigger hardware dealers will be able to help you a lot more than the home improvement stores due to auto specific threads.

I am gonna add that you should buy some sort of service manual for your jeep. They are nice to have around.
Hope some of that helps. Good Luck!

wakeboard223 05-19-2011 09:50 AM

thanks for all your help, and I would agree with you that a old jeep and not mechanically inclined don't go together, but my dad is great with all of this stuff so he's teaching me as we work on my jeep.thats the main reason we bought the jeep, a learning experience for me and so we can spend time together.

95YamJam 05-19-2011 11:07 AM

No problems. Jeeps are good for learning. I do all my own work on all of my vehicles. I have learned and am learning everything myself which is difficult so I end up doing a lot of reading.

I have never had good luck with repair shops so I usually end up spending money on tools so I can do jobs myself. This offsets labor cost but at least I know who did the work. :)

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