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BMCGC 05-19-2011 11:32 PM

150 miles already
150 miles in only 6 days of ownership. No pics yet, Im waiting for some before and after shots.

The new wheels and tires should be in tomorrow. UPS says the door sill guards, mats, and molded side steps will be here tomorrow as well.

Enough to keep us busy all weekend, going topless for the 1st time as well.

Some questions: Our last Jeep was an 04 Rubi that we traded about 18 months ago. This time we bought the Sport, we didnt use the added features of the Rubi and didnt want to pay for them this time around.

I see the Sport as a blank canvas, kind of like my Electra Glide Standard.

Ive been researching lifts, I think I would rather go with a set of Rubi springs/shocks. Ive found a couple sets of new takeoffs. The springs are not the desired 19/60, they are 17/58. Will the 17/58 be an improvement over my current 14/55 as far as ride height , or should I just buy the 19/60 setup from the dealer?

We have the base radio, Im not going to go crazy trying to make a nice system in a Jeep with a soft top. I do like the added features of the other radios. Is the 6 disc a P-N-P? Will any oem 6 disc from a JK work, or did the harness change along the way? Plenty of takeout 6 discs floating around.

Our 2011 Sport has 3.31s, will 3.73s fit the carrier? I may end up wanting to do some towing in the future, with taller tires and a trailer me thinks the 3.31s will not be up to the task.

daggo66 05-20-2011 06:16 AM

I would go with the 19/60. I don;t think you'll find anyone selling them. I have never heard of them coming on a Wrangler from the factory. Not to toot my own horn, but I think I'm the one that discivered them. I never heard of them even being discussed on any of the forums until I posted about them here. I discovered them when I was searching to buy a set online. I kept changing the last 2 digits in the nodel number to see what would come up. 19/60 was the highest.

The 17/58's will be an improvement, but why not buy new and get the best?

Here is the web site I bought them from: Chrysler Parts Center - Call (800) 519-5279 for Genuine Dodge Parts, Genuine OEM Chrysler Parts and Accessories, Dodge Parts, Jeep Parts, Plymouth Parts, Eagle Parts

Here are the model number: 52126319AB 68004460AA

I wou;dn't bother with 3.73 gears if you are going with larger tires. You might as well just move up to 4.1 or 4.88.

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